Lip Fillers Fact File: Do Lip Fillers Hurt?

Do Lip Fillers Hurt - lip filler fact file

You know what? There are so many questions and so much to say about lip fillers and injections that I have had to split this lip filler fact file into 3 parts! You can check out part one here about how long lip fillers last and over the next few posts I will answer your most common questions about lip fillers and lip injections, for now, let’s answer questions about whether or not lip fillers hurt, what is the best product, if lip fillers are for men and more!

Do Lip Fillers Hurt?

With the wrong product, the wrong technique and no pain relief techniques, yes, lip fillers do hurt!

But in my clinic we use products that contain a local anaesthetic, as well as ice packs to keep the lips numb and reduce risk of bruising or swelling. Finally we can use a dental block or even a topical lip numbing cream if needed, but we find that the numbing cream takes 45 minutes to work. This time is usually spent worrying about the treatment and ends up causing more stress than pain relief.

Also a dental block means an extra 4 injections which can very unsettling to some people so rather than lots of needles we find great results with just good technique, ice packs and only products with local anaesthetic in them.

What is the Best Product for Lip Injections?

I believe the best product for fillers is Juvederm, and that’s all that I use! I have used several other products over the years but Juvederm is by far the best.

what makes good lip filler? The characteristics that make me choose a product like Juvederm are:

  • Safety – FDA approved (a particularly rigorous regulatory body in the USA for food and drugs)
  • Tried and Tested – Juvederm has been used a lot for years so there is a lot of data backing up their safety and results.
  • Hyaluronic Acid – this means it can be dissolved using Hyalase so an extra level of reassurance is there
  • Non-Animal – Animal derived fillers like collagen are technically a transplant of animal skin. Nobody likes the idea of a pigskin or cowskin transplant so this is an easy decision! It is also great for animal lovers who would shudder at this idea. Many of the disaster stories that you heard from the nineties involved these animal derived collagen based fillers.
  • Pain – There is a Local anaesthetic mixed with the filler.

It is a moldable product that gives the optimum triple effects of;

  1. Good structural support
  2. Soft and watery consistency as to avoid lumps
  3. Able to stay long in the skin but not too long as the body doesn’t like things that it can’t get rid of,which then causes a inflammatory response.

Juvederm’s Vycross really satisfies these conditions better than any product and that is why I use it. Even Juvederm’s old range doesn’t meet these standards.

What Age do People get Lip Injections?

So the older generations (35 +) have seen the scare stories of the nineties and are more nervous of lip fillers. Also they don’t use Instagram as much as the 20 year olds of today. The Millennial Generation (in their 20s) are the most common lip filler patients.

In fact it’s so common for the stars of Instagram to have perfect lips (thanks to lip fillers) that regular girls don’t see it as a big deal to fix it. They see it something like getting braces only easier and cheaper. Kylie Jenner is famous however for getting lip fillers when she was only 17! In my clinic the minimum age is 18 regardless of parents permission.

What Happened to those Celebrities that I saw with Bad Lip Injections?

Many celebrities have to look perfect. They can’t get away with just looking ok. If they look rubbish at the MTV Movie Awards, then they don’t get hired for that next movie. Its simple, sad, but true. So as real women don’t look perfect every day with no effort, of course celebrities are having more work than other women, in fact the closer they get to the end of their career, the more work they get done to compete with the latest 20 year old faces in Hollywood. So as those on the cutting edge of ‘getting work done’ of course we sometimes see celebs who have gone too far with lip fillers.

celebrity lip fillers gone wrong

Thankfully these days with reversible treatments being much more common, these stories are less tragic. In the past we saw celebs getting lip implants or permanent lip fillers and having permanently swollen lips requiring severe surgery to correct. Now with dissolvable fillers and products like Hyalase that can dissolve Hyaluronic Acid things have got better for these women in the spotlight. If your overdone lips make you news this week, a quick Hyalase injection can reign it in by next week (and let’s face it they’ll be talking about someone else by then!)

Do Men Get Lip Injections?

Not really. Lips are a more feminine sexual characteristic and as such men generally don’t want to have bigger lips. That said there are many men that would look a lot better with a little bit of lip filler, particularly older men.

As we age, our lips naturally become thinner and many men will get botox and fillers to take 5-10 years off their age. However they still have older lips that need perking and stand out compared to everything else.

However men still seem to get away with this, perhaps they are not being judged as closely? George Clooney is a good example of this. He has very thin lips but is still considered a Hollywood stud!

Do You Have Any Questions?

That’s the end of the second part of our lip filler fact file but if you have any questions about lip fillers please comment below or send them to us by e-mail. If you’d like to arrange a consultation for lip a filler treatment with us then get in touch!

By Dr Paul Munsanje

Dr Paul Munsanje is the Owner and Medical Director of Amara and has 13 years industry experience.
Read more about him here.