Lip Fillers Fact File: Your Questions Answered!

Lip Fillers Fact Filer - Lip Fillers Dublin

You know what? There are so many questions and so much to say about lip fillers and injections that I have had to split this lip filler fact file into 3 parts! Over the next few posts I will answer your most common questions about Lip Fillers and Lip Injections, for now, let’s get started!

How Long Do Lip Fillers Last?

how long do lip fillers last?

How long a Lip Injection lasts is actually a harder question than you would think as it depends on a number of factors:

  • What lip filler product is used? : The longest lasting products in my view are the Juvederm Vycross range. In this range there is Juvederm Volbella and Juvederm Volift. Other products might last as long, but as the biggest selling product and the one with most FDA licences, Juvederm has the most money invested in research and development and as a result has some of the best products on the market!
  • How good is your body at getting rid of fillers? : Do you never get sick? Some people’s bodies are miracles of immunity and their immune system acts very quick to get rid of fillers. Whereas others can get fillers done and years later still see the effects.
  • Are you a talker? : Yes, talking, making duck faces and blowing kisses all squeeze your lips and squeeze your fillers. The more you move or squeeze your lips, slowly erodes the fillers away a little quicker!
  • Where on the lips was the filler injected? : The edges of the lips (the vermillion border) seems to last a lot longer than filler put into the body of the lip. Also with some products the deeper you go the shorter lip fillers last.

Lip Fillers And How You See Yourself

On top of these factors, there is our personal image to combat. We look at ourselves in the mirror every day and rarely notice that we have gained or lost weight, but then someone who hasn’t seen us for months or even weeks will come along and say: “Oh wow you lost/gained a lot of weight!”. We’re surprised until we step on the scales and realise they were right. Well your lips are the same, when you have your lip fillers done, you forget what they were like and then you feel like the filler is gone even though it is still there.

lip fillers treatment areas

Lip Fillers FAQ!

Were your questions on lip injections and lip fillers answered yet? Part 2 will be posted next week where you can find out if lip fillers hurt but if you’ve any questions that you’d like us to answer then please comment below!

In the mean time if you are interested in a consultation about lip fillers or any of the treatments we offer then get in touch now.

By Dr Paul Munsanje

Dr Paul Munsanje is the Owner and Medical Director of Amara and has 13 years industry experience.
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