When should I start getting Botox injections?

Everyone’s face is different because of genetics, lifestyle and the varying degrees which people look after their skin. The rule is the same for everyone, however: start asking about your treatment options when you have a concern that’s genuinely starting to bother you.

It’s that simple. At Amara you will never be pressured into treatment. We are about finding the correct way to help you achieve the results you’re after.

Why do people seek botox treatments?

Some wrinkles add character, but many lines are the visible signs of ageing and have a negative effect on our appearance, especially when we feel differently to how we look.

When lines and wrinkles don’t add character or bother people because they make them look different to how they feel, that’s when they seek botox injections.

Why should I trust Amara with my botox injections?

At Amara, trust is ingrained into everything we do. You will never be pressured into receiving treatment. We have forged our reputation by:

  • being honest with our patients
  • having integrity in our treatment recommendations
  • by using only the highest quality products
  • by consistently delivering the subtle, natural results that last

When it comes to facial injectable treatments, we frequently don’t treat patients who we feel wouldn’t benefit from the service, or where there are better options for them.

Will I look frozen after my Botox treatment?

No. This is something we avoid at Amara. This is why all first time patients go through a two step initial treatment. We treat conservatively on your first visit. Then between 2 and 4 weeks we bring you back in to review your result. If you need some more product to get the desired result we do this at no cost. This two step process enables our doctors to build up a dosing profile perfectly suited to you.

It’s possible to increase your dose if you feel it’s not strong enough, but impossible to reduce it once you’ve been treated.

Will I look ‘done’ after my Botox treatment?

This is something we actively look to avoid. If it’s Botox injections (see our ‘Will I look frozen?’ section) we have a two step process to help us avoid the done look.
It will be the case that people will notice an improvement in your appearance but we aim to have them wondering if you’ve had a treatment, not sure of the fact.

As this was my first time getting botox injections, I was quite nervous about what to expect during and after the procedure. Dr Mylene was amazing, very understanding. She explained the procedure in detail, continually putting me at ease and was very clear about when I should expect to see results. Overall I’m completely delighted with the experience and the results and will definitely be going back!
Emma, 33, Dublin

Will my movement return to normal after my botox treatment?

Yes. The botox product we use is Allergan’s formulation and it is the most studied of its kind.

Once it wears off, normal muscle movement returns with no measurable long terms effects.

Are botox injections safe?

The simple answer is yes. Are there possible side-effects? Sure. This is the case with all pharmaceutical products. However, the brand we use is the brand synonymous with this treatment and it has one of the best safety profiles of any pharmaceutical product. The doses used in facial aesthetics have been studied and followed and monitored for over 30 years with virtually no reporting of long term adverse effects.

Do Botox injections prevent wrinkles from forming?

Botox injections delay the formation of permanent lines and wrinkles. They do this by temporarily preventing the movement that contributes to them. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done to totally stop the formation of permanent lines over long periods of time.

Do men get anti-wrinkle treatments?

Most definitely. The number of men seeking anti-wrinkle treatments is increasing year on year.

There are differences in the way men need to be treated compared to women due to differences in muscle strength and other anatomical considerations. However, all of our doctors have been trained for male specific treatments.

1 in 10 patients visiting Amara are men and over half of them come for anti-wrinkle injections. Men tend to like the ease and speed of the treatment. The treatment is highly effective and the results speak for themselves by greatly improving overall appearance.