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Treatment for Sagging Skin – Essential Information about Sagging Skin

Gravity, time and lifestyle all play a part, but there’s an FDA approved treatment available at Amara.

Treatment for Sagging Skin – Essential Information about Sagging Skin Essentials

Causes: Sagging skin is caused mainly by the loss of integrity of the skin's main structural components, namely elastin and collagen.

Where it occurs: Anywhere. However it is more prominent on the face and arms where the effects of gravity on skin are most visible.

Treatment: There are a number of approaches but the FDA approved Exilis Elites uses radio frequency and heat to remodel your skin's collagen and fat.

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As we age our skin sags. As with all things skin the underlying reasons are genetic, environmental and where sagging is an issue, gravity also plays a role. The degree to which each of these influences skin sagging varies but as always, the usual suspects collagen and elastin are involved.

What is saggy skin?

Saggy skin is skin that has lost its elasticity. Without this elasticity, your skin loses its bounce-back-ability and it lacks the structure to counter the effects of gravity. It is commonly seen under the chin and around the jowls but can be prevalent elsewhere.

What causes saggy skin?

Saggy skin is caused by a lack of elastin, one of the most important structural components of your skin. Elastin levels deplete with age and other factors like smoking, sun exposure and neglecting your skin can influence the effectiveness of elastin.

Without elastin, collagen cannot have the structural impact it is meant to have. This allows gravity to have a greater impact on your appearance than you would like, and saggy skin results. Saggy skin ages us greatly and can also make us look sad.

How can I prevent my skin from sagging?

As with everything skin, prevention is the best form of defense. We cannot control genetics, gravity or time. So that leaves us with environmental factors. A good skin care regime that protects your skin from damaging environmental factors is the best defense against premature sagging. A skin consultation with one of our Skin Health Specialists is the first step.

How can I treat my sagging skin?

If you are already noticing your skin sagging there are a couple of treatment options available at Amara.

Rejuvapen Medical MicroneedlingStimulation of skins repair mechanismsThis procedure delivers controlled micro-damage to your skin which in turn stimulates your body’s repair mechanisms – namely collagen and elastin production. This is best for cases of minor sagging.
Exilis Elite Skin TighteningSkin contraction and collagen productionTightens and remodels the skin. This machine led treatment reduces the size of fat cells, contracts the skin and induces collagen production. The result is more taught and less loose skin in the area treated.



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