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Treatment for Large Pores – Essential Information

Learn how this aesthetically displeasing skin condition can be addressed with us at Amara.

Treatment for Large Pores – Essential Information Essentials

Causes: compromise of the pores due to blockage, excessive sebum production, physical damage and age related volume and elasticity loss

Types: there are no specific types, but there are multiple reasons and contributing factors that cause pores to become enlarged

Treatment: preventative measures are recommended which mainly centre around good daily skin care. In the event of already enlarged pores -
(1) A Hydrafacial MD treatment will effectively extract blocked pores while also dealing with sebum overproduction and aiding the skin barrier
(2) Medical microneedling with Rejuvapen can stimulate production of collagen and elastin and greatly improve the robustness of pores

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Pore size is an aesthetic concern for many people visiting us at Amara. Pores are essential for good skin health but excessively large looking pores can be detrimental to your overall appearance.

There are a number of age related reasons why pores may widen, as well as many lifestyle factors that might contribute to the formation of visible pores. A good rule of thumb is that if you can visibly see someones pores without having to move in closer than an arms length to them, they may be suffering from large pores.

What are pores and what are they for?

There are two types of pores in your skin – sweat pores and follicular pores (hair pores).

As the name suggests, sweat pores are linked to sweat glands and responsible for sweating.

Follicular or hair pores are sometimes referred to as oil pores because they are directly linked with sebum, an oil produced by glands attached to hair pores that is important for skin hydration and overall good skin health.

When we are speaking of ‘large pores’ we are specifically talking about hair pores that have become enlarged.

What causes large pores?

The four well understood reasons for large pores are –

Decreased elasticity of the skin due to collagen and elastin loss that occurs naturally with ageExcessive sebum production which clogs and widens pores
Physical blocking of the hair pore by makeup, moisturisers, environmental contaminants, or hair itselfPhysical damaging of the skin barrier because of squeezing, picking or non-professional extractions


Are large pores bad for your skin?

Medically speaking, not especially. They may increase the likelihood of breakouts if you have sensitive skin, especially if excess sebum is being produced. However, the main reason people come to Amara to address large pores is for aesthetic reasons.

How can I prevent large pores?

Based on the underlying reasons for increased pore size, the ollowing steps can help reduce the likelihood of developing large pores.

  • Avoid excessively oily facial products
  • Good, effective morning and nightly cleansing to prevent physical blockages
  • Effective exfoliation – you want to exfoliate but not damage your skin
  • Moisturising daily – helps with sebum penetration and reduces oil blockages
  • A good facial mask can remove excessive oil from pores
  • Proper removal of makeup every night
  • SPF protection to prevent pore disruption due to sun damage and dryness

How do we treat large pores at Amara?

Like with anything to do with your skin, prevention is the best form of defense. A high quality daily skin care programme will help provide your skin with a robustness that will reduce the likelihood of pore clogging and the after effects. This can be designed by one of our Skin Health Specialists at a skin consultation.

For those who have enlarged pores there are two machine led treatment options available.

Hydrafacial MDPowerful extraction and skin rejuvenation leading to reduced pore sizeThis treatment can do several things required to reduce the appearance of large pores. Most importantly it will extract and clear clogged pores while also addressed any excess sebum present due to blockages
Rejuvapen MicroneedlingSkin strengthening and associated pore elasticityThis microneedling treatment will stimulate your skin, leading to an increase in the production of collagen and elastin which will help increase the robustness of pores, reducing the chances of them becoming enlarged.




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