At Amara, we love the ZO Skin Health range of skin products.

The ZO Skin Health Range of products was developed by Dr Zein Obagi, a world renowned dermatologist who has been at the forefront of medical grade skin care since the 1980’s.

Each of the products in the range has been specifically designed to a skin purpose. Most importantly, intelligent delivery systems have been part of the development process ingredients get to where they need to be to effectively address your skin concerns

What is healthy skin?

Healthy skin is distinguishable from unhealthy skin in a number of obvious ways.

Healthy Skin
Unhealthy Skin
Soft and smooth, Even Tone, Firm, full and tight, Hydrated, TolerantRough, Uneven tone, Firm, full and tight, Disease free, Deflated and loose, Dry, Sensitive

Maintaining a healthy skin renewal cycle is key to healthy skin. If your skin cells turnover evenly and in a timely fashion, your skin is in good health and your appearance will evidence this. If this renewal cycle is compromised in any way, that’s when problems like congestion and oiliness can occur.

What is the skin renewal cycle?

The skin renewal cycle is the collection of processes that your skin goes through as it regenerates and replaces itself.

Every 6 weeks your skin will give birth to new cells which start below the skin’s surface. Over the course of 6 weeks these cells mature as they rise to the upper layer of your skin. They live exposed on the surface for a time before dying and hopefully exfoliating. At this point the next generation of cells should replace them.

This regeneration process allows your skin to perform and maintain a barrier function role. If it doesn’t run smoothly, the side-effects cause problems and symptoms of unhealthy skin develop.

How can the ZO Portfolio fix my skin and promote healthy skin?

ZO Skin Health is a comprehensive portfolio that addresses your skin’s needs whatever the condition of your skin. The ZO Range has products to help correct disease causes, normalise your skins renewal cycle and maintain good skin health and strong barrier function.

Powerful products to correct different types of diseased skin and set you on a path to optimal skin health.An array of products designed to keep your skin renewal cycle working properly and effectively.
A catalogue of products designed to provide your skin with essentials to prevent outbreaks and blemishes.Protecting your skin once it is in good health, the ZO Range has products scientifically developed to ensure blemish free skin.

The portfolio is divided into two lines –

  • The ZO Medical range targets correction of skin disorders and chronic skin conditions such as rosacea, acne and hyperpigmentation – it is therapeutic.
  • The ZO Skin Health range has everything your skin needs to maintain, prevent and protect itself from damage. (see ZO Skin Health Fundamental 5 section)

How do ZO Skin Health products address my skin problems?

“Key to Skin Health is maintaining innate water, lipid and protein balance and normal exfoliation” – Dr Zein Obagi.

The biological processes that are consistent with healthy, glowing skin are very well understood. The ZO Skin Health Range has products that deliver ingredients that work, to the skin cells that need them, to ensure a timely skin renewal cycle is maintained and your skins epidermal barrier function is effective.

There are too many to list here, but if you point to a part of your skins renewal cycle, there are products in this range to ensure the cycle runs smoothly, no matter your skin type.

A selection of the products available to our Skin Health Specialists to help deliver you optimal skin health.

Why is the ZO Skin Health Range so good?

The ZO Range is so effective because it’s different in a number of ways –

  • The products have been designed to efficiently work with your skins renewal cycle
  • The products have been developed with active ingredients that work which have delivery systems that are effective – they get to where they need to be
  • The products can be combined into highly effective and well understood programmes to help skin of all types and conditions
  • The products are supported with robust clinical evidence