Welcome to the men’s treatment section at Amara!

The demand for the men’s services we offer at Amara is increasing year on year with more and more men becoming aware of how impactful and effective they are – over 1 in 10 clients we see across our clinic services are men.

We are not a high street salon. We are specialists in medical-grade aesthetic treatments, skincare, and body contouring.

Why do we have a dedicated section for men’s treatments?

  • 15 % of our clients are now men, and this is increasing year on year
  • Men are motivated by a different set of factors than women
  • Male treatments are different to female treatments because male anatomy is different to female anatomy and this needs to be respected
  • All treatments at Amara can be customised for men and this section explains how

What do men like about the services offered at Amara?

Here are a few things we’ve learned from our male patients about the services we provide to them:

  1. Men want, quick, easy, and powerful treatments that have real impact on their appearance
  2. Men love the confidence the results of a good treatment provide
  3. Men are sometimes hesitant because they don’t want it to be obvious they’ve had anything done – this is something we avoid

Why do men trust Amara?

Our doctors and skin specialists have undertaken male-specific training across all our treatments to ensure we get the best results possible for our clients.

All of our treatments are customised not just for men, but for you as an individual. A treatment at Amara is very much like having a tailor-made suit cut and stitched just for you – everything is customised.