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Anti-Wrinkle Injections for Men

Anti-Wrinkle Injections for Men Essentials

Area treated: Male forehead/male brow/male crow’s feet
Assessment: Our doctor will examine exactly how your facial muscles move and design a customized treatment for you.
Treatment: Anti-wrinkle injections with Botox®
Time taken: Assessment 10-15 mins, treatment <10 mins
Comfort: People rarely report that this treatment is uncomfortable.
Results seen: Noticeable within 2-3 days; full onset and sharper, fresher appearance at 2-4 weeks
How long will it last: 3-4 months is typical. Repeated visits to the same doctor can see this extended to 5 months for some men as our doctors get to know your face.
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Anti-wrinkle injections are the most popular and fastest growing male treatment at Amara.

Quick, easy and highly effective, anti-wrinkle injections are the first port of call for men looking to improve their appearance.

What are anti-wrinkle injections for?

Anti-wrinkle injections are used to prevent your facial muscles from over working and causing furrows.

The treatment temporarily stops your muscles from working at full strength, which reduces fine lines of the forehead, brow and around the eyes. The result is a less stressed overall appearance. You look less tired and sharper.

NOTE – Anti-wrinkle injections do not plump or increase the volume of the area injected – that’s dermal fillers. There is no noticeable change in the proportions of your face after an anti-wrinkle treatment. This is a common misconception.

How do anti-wrinkle injections work?

They work by temporarily blocking chemical messages to your facial muscles. Without these messages the muscles can’t overwork and the movement which cause wrinkles is reduced for a few months.

Where do men get treated with anti-wrinkle injections?

We treat men all over the face, but the most commonly treated areas are –

The foreheadThe browAround the eyes


For men the forehead and brow are the most popular treatment areas and most of the time they are treated simultaneously – this is because the muscle groups are connected.

It’s in these areas that our results, although subtle and natural, make the biggest difference leaving you looking fresher and more confident.

Will my results look obvious?

No. The frozen look is something we actively avoid at Amara. This is achieved in two ways –

  1. All our doctors properly understand the difference between male and female facial muscles. Men’s facial muscles are generally stronger and thicker, especially in areas like the forehead. They may also move in slightly different patterns. When designing your treatment plan, our doctors take all this into consideration.
  2. All our new clients are always seen twice for their initial treatment. At your first appointment we don’t go full strength. We then call you back at 2 weeks to review your results. At the review we can top up your treatment as needs be and from this our doctors establish a completely customised treatment plan for you to get the results you want.

These two protocols mean you will never look ‘done’ after a male anti-wrinkle treatment at Amara.

Who gets male anti-wrinkle injections?

We treat men from all walks of life. You name the profession and we’ve treated a male client who works in that field. It’s especially popular among men in client facing roles. The speed and simplicity of the treatment along with the power of the results makes male anti-wrinkle treatment a treatment for all men.

What’s the anti-wrinkle treatment process at Amara?

At your consultation with one of our doctors, we’ll discuss what you’re trying to achieve. If you don’t quite know yourself and want options, our doctor will run through them with you.

We always take photos so our doctors can detail your customised treatment plan to you. Your exact injection plan will depend on how your muscles move. All of this will be shown to you and explained thoroughly.

The treatment itself is really quick and easy. Once the plan is designed, the treatment should take less than 10 minutes.

We will always bring you back in 2-4 weeks after this first appointment to review your results so we avoid the frozen or done look. Here we may add small amounts to ensure you get the best result.

What else do I need to know? What can I expect? Will I look done?

Immediately post treatment there may be some redness at the injection site. This normally resolves within 30-60 mins. There may also be some tiny blood spots. After 20 mins these can be wiped away with a tissue. You may bruise, although this is very rare.

You will start to feel the product working in 2-3 days. The early signs will be a tightness in the areas injected. At 2 weeks 90% of the full effect will be in place. This is when you may come back for review if you so wish and minor ‘tweakments’ can be made at no cost.

At 4 weeks you’ll experience full strength. At this point you should have restricted but not frozen movement of the areas injected. So while you will look sharp and feel fresher, it will be very difficult for someone to tell that you’ve had treatment.

"An excellent experience & service in a relaxed and pleasant environment. Staff are extremely friendly & knowledgeable."
Norman, 36

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