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Treatment for Crow’s Feet Lines & Laughter Lines

Treatment for Crow’s Feet Lines & Laughter Lines Essentials

Area Treated: Crow’s feet lines - Laughter lines - side of the eyes
Assessment: Our doctor will examine exactly how your eye muscles move when expressing and design a treatment specifically for you
Treatment: Anti-wrinkle injections
Time taken: Assessment 10-15mins, Treatment <10mins
Comfort: People rarely report this treatment as uncomfortable
Results Seen: Noticeable within 2-3 days, full onset and smoother, fresher appearance at 2-4 weeks
How long will it last?: 3-4 months is typical. Repeated visits to the same doctor can see this extended to 6 months for some people as our doctors get to know your face
Cost: €300 as a single area treatment
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What are crow’s feet lines?

Crow’s feet lines appear when we smile, laugh or squint due to movement of the circular muscle around the eye. The most noticeable lines appear at the side of each eye toward the outer aspect of the face. These are sometimes referred to as laughter lines.

Crow’s Feet lines appear during expressive movement of the muscles around the eye.



"I would 100% recommend Amara when getting an anti-wrinkle treatment! This super clinic is so discreet, but the level of professionalism when you walk through the door is second to none. The staff are lovely and my treatments here have been brilliant. Amara is the real deal and the doctors never rush and always explain everything properly. For me, the 2-week check-up to make sure the results are what you want is important because I am scared of the frozen look and this way I avoid it. Overall I would describe Amara as a quality experience and I'll keep going back."
Elaine, 29, Kildare

How do crow’s feet lines affect our appearance?

There’s no escaping this one – crow’s feet lines visibly age us. Unlike other lines which may have a dimension of character to them, crow’s feet make us appear older than we are.

Over time, using these muscles too much can cause permanent creases which are visible at rest.



Why do we treat crow’s feet lines with anti-wrinkle injections and not dermal fillers?

Because of eye movement, it is challenging to treat laughter lines with dermal fillers.

However, anti-wrinkle injections using botulinum toxin products are highly effective at minimizing the movement of the eye muscles. This prevention of excessive movement smooths out the area. It also stops lines that are already there from worsening and slows down the formation of more permanent furrows.



What can I expect from my crow’s feet line treatment?

People who have their crow’s feet lines treated can expect a reduction in the formation of these ageing lines when they squint, smile or laugh. The results reduce the visible signs of ageing around the eyes and help soften the face, restoring a more youthful appearance.

crow's feet lines, anti-wrinkle injections

You can find out more about how versatile anti-wrinkle injections are here.




Will I look ‘frozen’ or ‘done’?

Over treatment of the crow’s feet area muscles contributes less to the terrible ‘frozen look’ than other line treatments.

However, as with all anti-wrinkle treatments at Amara, our ‘subtle, natural results’ approach means we are careful to avoid the done look regardless – this is The Amara Way.



At Amara we only use the highest quality products which is why we use Allergan's anti-wrinkle product and not a cheaper biosimilar (generic) product. It is FDA approved and the most studied of its kind which means we can stand by its clinical profile.

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