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Hydrafacial for Men

Hydrafacial for Men Essentials

Area Treated: Skin in and around the face in general but can be adapted for all skin
Concerns: Oily or dry skin, congested skin, blackheads, uneven skin, poor skin texture, acne susceptible skin
Treatment: Cleanse and peel, extract and hydrate, infuse and protect using high quality products and patented mechanical technology. Specialist add-ons available
Treatment time: First time clients have a 90 mins which includes a skin consultation and the treatment. Thereafter, 60 mins is the norm for repeat clients.
Downtime: Some redness may occur but this usually resolves in a matter of minutes to 2-3 hours depending on your skin type and is less likely in men whose skin is thicker.
Results: Immediately improved skin appearance
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Make no mistake, this machine led treatment is no facial.

It is the most popular skin specialist treatment among men at Amara, and growing rapidly, for a reason. Consider it like a cut polish with a wax buffer finish for your car, only for your skin.

Especially popular among men who work in people facing jobs, the Hydrafacial MD treatment adds a slickness to your look like no other treatment available. It’s quick, effective and the results are instant.

What is the Hydrafacial MD?

The Hydrafacial MD is:

  • A medical grade machine that deep cleans and extracts debris from your skin.
  • Quick, powerful, efficient.
  • Fully customisable depending on your skin type and what you’re looking to do.
  • An immediate results treatment with no downtime.
  • We can work around beards


How does a Hydrafacial work? What does a Hydrafacial do?

A Hydrafacial consists of 6 steps grouped into 3 treatment phases:

Phase 1CleanseYour skin is exfoliated and gently resurfaced with a new, healthy, and even layer of skin brought to the surface.
Gentle Peel
Phase 2ExtractImpurities clogging your skin and pores are chemically and mechanically removed. Your skin in then hydrated with powerful moisturizers.
Phase 3FuseYour skin is infused with protective antioxidants and peptides to ensure continued protection, which allows your skin to regenerate more healthily for weeks to come

The extraction process is most satisfying for our male clients and you’ll be surprised at just what comes out of your skin.

What is the Hydrafacial MD for?

Male clients seek a Hydrafacial treatment to address –

Dry skinOily skin
Uneven skinVery fine lines and wrinkles
Sun damaged skinSensitive skin
Clogged skinLarge pores
BlackheadsSkin texture
Acne susceptible skinSkin maintenance


What else can a Hydrafacial do?

There are two additional upgrades available with a Hydrafacial treatment. These can be discussed with your Skin Health Specialist at you pre-treatment consultation.

Lymphatic Drainage
LED Light Treatment
This massage based add-on stimulates your lymphatic system into action, clearing lymph vessels which act like a drainage system for your skin. With these vessels clear, your skin’s ability to undertake the natural processes of good skin health are restored.Blue LED lights directly inhibit bacteria which may cause acne spread or outbreaks in sensitive skin or skin with rosacea.

Red LED lights stimulate your skin’s collagen helping promote strong, healthy, and voluminous skin.


What else do I need to know?

Unfortunately, the Hydrafacial MD is contraindicated for men who have diabetes, an allergy to shellfish, an allergy to honey, or are currently taking accutane or roaccutane.

We would also ask that you shave 24 hrs before your appointment. We can work around beards but to get the most from it, it’s best you’re clean shaven

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