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Nose Filler Treatment

Nose Filler Treatment Essentials

Area of concern: Ridges, bumps, or asymmetry of the nose
Assessment: Our doctors will examine the natural structure of your nose and identify areas of deficit that can be filled.
Treatment: High quality dermal filler injections. The amount required is dependent on what you want to achieve.
Time taken: Assessment 10-15mins, Treatment time, up to half an hour depending on what’s required.
Comfort: Patients rarely report this procedure as painful.
Results: Noticeable immediately.
How long will it last?: This is patient dependent but our prefered product is FDA approved and licensed for up to 18 months.
Cost:: €600 with a reduced price for repeat clients
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Nose filler treatment (non-surgical rhinoplasty) is one of the most common specific concerns people contact us about. The nose is a prominent part of the face and irregularities in shape and volume deficits are a concern for many people.

There are stigmas and anxieties attached to the appearance of the nose and in many cases, a good nose filler treatment can help address many of these concerns. Unlike surgical options, nose reshaping with dermal fillers requires no general anaesthetic, down time or bandages.


Nose filler is a highly specialised treatment and should only be performed by a medic who has been trained extensively in the use of dermal fillers and in non-surgical nose treatments.

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What is the aim of a nose filler treatment?

We aim to correct volume-based deficits that give your nose an irregular shape. By precise injection of hyaluronic dermal fillers following a thorough assessment, we can subtly restore volume to rebalance the appearance of ridges or bumps in the nose. Small amounts can make a big difference and there are several injection techniques possible.


Why do people seek a nose filler treatment?

The nose is situated in the middle of the face and as a result, is a focal point of your appearance. Asymmetries, bumps and ridges are seen prominently and an offset alignment of the nose is often of great concern for people from a social point of view.

This procedure is an attractive option for people looking to avoid these costly surgery: it’s cheaper, no general anaesthetic required, and downtime is non-existent by comparison.



What concerns can a nose filler treatment fix?

The following concerns are commonly addressed with non-surgical rhinoplasty. The aim is always to restore balance and proportion to the appearance of the nose:

  • Ridges: Volume will be added above the ridge to fill out the deficit that causes the prominence. The result is a more even and straight presentation which improves the overall aesthetic of the nose.
  • Bumps: Volume may be added above or below the bump to harmonise the nose. This straighter appearance smooths away the bump and restores a natural-looking slope to the nose.
  • Asymmetries: Whether or not someone is a candidate for nasal asymmetry treatment is dependent on the plane of the asymmetry. Top-to-bottom asymmetries are more easily addressed than side-to-side asymmetries.
  • Tip angle: The angle at which the tip of the nose projects outward can be improved.


How do you treat the nose with filler?

Anatomically, the nose is a complicated structure with bone, cartilage, soft tissue and blood vessel considerations important in treatment decisions.

A good assessment and an honest discussion about realistic expectations is essential. After your consultation, the doctor will choose from one of two fillers we can use to treat the nose. There are also two techniques available – the doctor will decide whether injection via needle or cannula (a long rounded needle) is the best tool for placing the filler.

This is a technically difficult procedure to perform and requires a well trained and experienced doctor. For this reason only our most experienced doctors, who have attended multiple non-surgical rhinoplasty training sessions in the UK and elsewhere perform these treatments in Amara Clinic.


What results should I expect?

Bone, soft tissue and cartilage play important structural roles in the appearance of your nose. Genetics has a huge part to play too. The aim will always be to balance the appearance of the nose and ensure proportions are improved.


How long will my results last?

This is highly patient dependent. Where the filler is placed will also influence how long you can expect your post treatment results to last. The product we use is licensed for up to 18 months but this might be unrealistic. Your doctor will be able to give you a better idea at your consultation.


We use only high quality FDA approved products with a preference for the Juvederm Vycross range of dermal fillers because we can stand by their safety and efficacy.

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