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Oily Skin & Controlling It – Step 3

Sebum is essential to good skin health, but too much is dangerous

Once cleansing and exfoliating is done, a good daily skin care programme addresses your skin’s oil levels. Too little and your skin will dry out. Too much and breakouts and inflammation are guaranteed. Oil control is essential to great skin at Amara.

Why is oil control so important for your skin?

Dr Zein Obagi once described sebum as the cause of all skin evils. Controlling the oiliness of your skin is critical for your skins overall health. There are 2 powerful pad products available depending on the condition of your skin:

Complexion Renewal Pads
Oil Control Pads
A combination of salicylic and glycolic acids, helps control moderately oily skinA more powerful combination of salicylic, mandelic and glycolic acid helps bring oilier skin under control


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