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Skin Consultation

Skin Consultation Essentials

Aim: To give you the information you need make the best decisions regarding your skin.
Time taken: 45 minutes and 10mins pre-consult paperwork.
Results: In our experience, clients who first undertake a skin consultation achieve their skin goals more quickly than those who do not. It saves you time and money to start your skin journey this way.
How long will it last?: The knowledge you’ll gain from the consultation will last you a lifetime.
Cost: €50
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The Key to Reaching Your Skin Goals

At Amara, a Skin Consultation is key to achieving your skin goals as quickly as possible. We have a host of high quality tools, expertise, and experience to help you achieve the skin you want. Results are always at the forefront of our approach to client care and our years of delivering them has taught us a few things –

  • To achieve the results our patients want as quickly as we can, we need to understand your skin, your current skin care practices, and your lifestyle.
  • When you understand what we’re looking for, and how this affects your skin, it’s easier for you to see why we suggest the treatments and programs that we do so we can get where you want to be.
  • We can save you time and money by getting your skin program right from the start.

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This is why we highly recommend that all our skin clients undergo a comprehensive skin consultation with one of our skin health specialists. This is not a hard sell. We haven’t achieved our word of mouth reputation by forcing treatments on our clients – we are about results.

Based on your goals, budget, and how quickly you want to see results, we can help you achieve the skin you want. Great Skin, Greater Confidence.


What does a skin consultation at Amara look like?

It’s a private 45 minute dedicated skin review with one of our specialists. The process has been honed and crafted over many years of training and treatment. The consultation is broken up into 6 sections, each interactive and very much a two-way discussion.

  • Tell us your goals – this is what we’ll work toward
  • Medical history & daily skin care information – tell us about you
  • Understanding Skin – here’s where we explain what’s going on under your skin
  • Examination of your skin – let’s see your skin up close
  • Treatment and Product Options – what are all your options?
  • Designing your program – how all the pieces fit together


What will I have at the end of a skin consultation?

At the end of a your consultation you will have all the information you need to make the right decisions for your skin. Our specialist will design you a treatment program, based on your budget and how aggressively you wish to chase your skin goals.


What are the benefits of a skin consultation?

People come to us seeking specific treatments or products for their concerns. However, while the treatment they seek will help their skin, it is often very much a band aid over bigger underlying problems.

Our skin specialists have seen thousands of clients over the years and we have forged our reputation on honesty and integrity. By running through the underlying problems and explaining what each treatment will do and your product options, you start from a point of greater understanding.

Results are easier to achieve in more realistic timelines when everyone understands fully what we’re trying to achieve.


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