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Skin Creams for Rosacea

A chronic skin condition, up to 40% of Irish people are affected

Rosacea and ZO Skin Health

This section is dedicated solely to what the ZO Skin Health range has to offer in the treatment of Rosacea. There are other options available separately or in tandem with this range.

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that is highly prevalent in Ireland. The exact causes are unknown but it is thought that genetic, hormone and lifestyle factors all influence outbreaks of the disease.

To find out more please follow this link to our dedicated Rosacea page.

What is Rozatrol?

Rozatrol is ZO Skin Health’s special weapon in the fight against Rosacea. It targets 5 symptoms of Rosacea and is a favourite among our Skin Health Specialists.

InflammationProtects and reverses existing inflammation and prevents future UV induced inflammation events
Decreased cellular renewalAn enzymatic compound provides mild exfoliation helping to smooth skin and restore normal skin renewal cycle
Excess SebumAn oil control complex brings sebum production under control and provides anti-microbial benefits
Broken blood vesselsA complex of amino acids helps promote optimal circulation
Neuro-ageingHelps restore cellular communication signals and stabilize normal natural skin functions


Do I use Rozatrol on its own?

On its own Rozatrol will offer relief but Rosacea is a multifaceted condition that requires treatment from a couple of angles. There’s no use in relieving the symptoms of Rosacea without trying to strengthen your skin at the same time.

We would always recommend an holistic approach. This would mean using Rozatrol with some or all of the Fundamental 5 under instruction from one of our Skin Health Specialists. Daily Power Defense will always compliment Rozatrol.

How can I get Rozatrol?

We stock Rozatrol in Amara. However, if you are not an existing client you will have to book in for a consultation with one of our specialists before we can retail it to you. These are not typical over the counter products and you must be fully aware of how to use them.

If you are currently using Rozatrol and your usual stockist is out, we will still need to have a short consultation with you before retailing it to you. Call us to explain how this works.

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