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Skin Tightening

Skin Tightening Essentials

Area Treated: Skin in and around the face in general but can be adapted for all skin
Concerns: Loose and sagging skin
Treatment: Monopolar radio frequency delivered to deeper layers of the skin
Treatment time: Varies but a whole face can take up to 2 hours
Downtime: Usually 24-48 hrs of redness (up to 96 hrs if you have sensitive skin)
Results: A couple of months after final treatment
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At Amara we receive skin tightening inquiries every week. Used as a wrinkle reducing and skin tightening tool, the Exilis Elite is an FDA approved machine treatment that addresses some common patient concerns.

Loose skin can have a big impact on our overall appearance and age us greatly. Nobody likes wrinkles which do the same and cellulite affects practically everyone. At Amara Exilis Elite is an effective technology to help address these concerns. Where skin tightening is required, Exilis Elite can effectively treat and improve the appearance of your skin.

What is skin tightening with Exilis Elite?

Exilis Elite is an FDA approved radiofrequency heat generating machine that reduces the size of fat cells, contracts the skin and stimulates collagen production.

The overall effect is a more taught and tightened skin appearance, wrinkles are reduced and age and lifestyle related sagging is improved. It contours the skin so is effective in improving jaw structure and the appearance of double chins.

Exilis could be described as a “collagen remodelling machine”.

How does skin tightening work? How does Exilis Elite tighten the skin?

Exilis delivers precise and controlled radiofrequency energy to the deeper layers of the skin. This generates heat. The heat causes the tissues to contract without damaging them, and the soft tissue and skin above the targeted tissue remodels, becoming tighter. This has the effect of improving loose and sagging skin.

What is Exilis Elite for?

The following concerns can readily be treated with Exilis Elite –

Sagging and loose skin around the face, particularly the jaw lineFine lines and wrinkles in deep tissue on the faceSubmental fat – double chin


How many sessions will I need?

Skin tightening is generally a course based treatment. While effective, Exilis requires multiple sessions and some time before results are seen. This will all be discussed with you at your consultation.

Up to 6 sessions with 2 week gaps in between treatments is recommended for best results but some people may be satisfied with lighter treatment.

How long does it last?

As long as you maintain your weight at a steady level, results should maintain.

Who is suitable for skin tightening treatment?

There are very few medical reasons why someone cannot undergo this treatment. People in good health not suffering from major medical conditions or active infections are candidates.

Unfortunately, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are not eligible.


"I really enjoy the treatment, my skin looks amazing and clear. I have seen major improvements in the clarity of my skin. The specialist is brilliant and takes care of my problematic skin really well."
Magda, 38, Poland

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