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Strengthening Your Skin – Step 4

All the cleansing, exfoliating and oil control in the world won’t help weak skin

Having strong skin reduces the chances of your skin’s renewal cycle getting out of sync again and is key to healthy skin. It makes sense then that after cleaning, exfoliating and controlling your skin’s sebum levels, we will look to give your skin strength and a platform from which it can work. Great Skin, Greater Confidence.

How can I strengthen my skin?

Once your skin is clean, clear and oil levels are good, the ZO Skin Health ranges looks to strengthen the healthy barrier that you’ve created. This is done through good daily skin care practices using the Getting Skin Ready (GSR) programme. This is step 4 of the Fundamental 5.

The product used is called Daily Power Defense and it contains active ingredients clinically proven to strengthen your skin.

Daily Power Defense

Ceramide for barrier function
Retinol for collagen production
Enzymes for DNA repair
Antioxidants for protection
Matrixyl for skin metabolism


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