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ZO Skin Health – Amara Favourites

What are Amara’s Skin Health Specialists two favourite products?

At Amara, our Skin Health Specialists work with the ZO Skin Health daily, designing regimes and treatment programs to help problematic skin of all types. They have forged a reputation on delivering our clients results that change their lives. At the core of everything they do is our mantra – Great Skin, Greater Confidence.

Here we asked our Skin Health Specialists what their two favourite products from the ZO Skin Health Range were.

Siobhan Morrow

My love affair with this range started over 4 years ago and I can honestly say my skin is in better health today then it was 15 years ago. Each product is designed to effectively address part of your skins lifecycle or biochemistry, so it delivers clinical grade results. I have learned through experience and extensive ZO workshops how to use the products hand in hand with each other to get even more out of them. Choosing just two is a tough call so I’ve selected on the basis of how much confidence their results give my patients in what we do here.

Oil Control Pads

These pads contain a mixture of 2% salicylic, glycolic and mandelic acids. Each acid performs a different role in addressing oil in your pores: the salicylic acid is a perfect chemical exfoliator for oily skin as it’s also antiinflammatory, the glycolic acid is the smallest molecule allowing deep exfoliation of your pores while the mandelic acid has antibacterial properties to help reduce breakouts. These “magic pads” address several pores issues keeping them super clean and nicely exfoliated without irritation. My clients love this product.

Daily Power Defence

Put simply, this is a functional moisturizer that works like no other. It’s also got a small amount of retinol in it which is a magic ingredient for all skin types. I get my clients to use just 2 pumps of this morning and night and once they feel the results, they rarely let another moisturizer touch their skin again. Very shortly after starting to use it they notice how much stronger their skin feels. It’s anti-aging properties are powerful and it’s one of the products I couldn’t live without.

Joanie Doran

The ZO Skin Health Range is the best skin care range I’ve come across in all my years working with skin. I decided to ‘go hard or go home’ after attending a ZO workshop so I used some fairly potent retinols and adopted the Skin Brightening Programme. It was impressive and worked so well I now use the Fundamental 5 daily. I couldn’t be happier with my daily skin care. It’s hard to pick 2 products but if I put on my work hat, and think about what my clients get the most out of then I’d have to say: Exfoliating Polish and Brightalive Skin Brightener.

Exfoliating Polish

This is the product is the best surface exfoliator I have ever used. It feels and smells amazing which is always a bonus. It’s full of magnesium crystals, antioxidants and vitamins which are essential to skin growth. Exfoliating Polish removes dead skins so effectively and the antioxidants deliver protection you can feel while giving the skin a nice glow. I always recommend using this 3 times a week at home and compare it to a mini microdermabrasion thanks to the magnesium crystals. You don’t need a lot and it leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean.

Brightalive Skin Brightener

This non-retinol skin brightener helps maintain a bright complexion and prevents future damage to your skin. Since coming off a Brightening Programme this has been an essential part of my daily skin care. Again, it smells amazing which clients love and they always comment on how well they find it absorbs into their skin, which is true. As with all of the ZO range small amounts work so just 2 pumps morning and night help my clients create and maintain a bright complexion.

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