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Anti Wrinkle Clinics in Dublin 2

Looking for an Anti Wrinkle clinic in Dublin 2?

Anti Wrinkle clinics in Dublin 2 are numerous, but Amara is the most popular. There are several clinics in Dublin 2, some offering quite low prices.  All Anti Wrinkle clinics should be staffed by a doctor as in Ireland it is the sole domain of doctors to administer the treatment.  As it is a prescription drug, do beware of clinics where treatment is illegally offered by nurses or even non nurses.


Anti Wrinkle clinic Dublin 2 – 63 lower mount street

Lower mount street is quite central – we are just a short walk from Grafton street and Pearse street dart station.  In fact, if you come out of the dart station and turn left you are at the clinic within 7 minutes. (5 minutes if you walk quickly!)  Amara Clinic is not just a Anti Wrinkle clinic Dublin 2 , we also offer a range of treatments for the skin, including dermal fillers, skin peels, image facials and ZO skincare regimes.

We offer everything you need to keep you skin looking great and keep away those lines and wrinkles.


There are a few other Anti Wrinkle clinics in Dublin 2:

  • But none that are so dedicated to giving your skin the best care and attention.
  • Our office is discrete and away from the main streets of the city centre.
  • We have appointments available 6 days a week and evenings.
  • Our staff have over 30 years of medical skin experience.
  • We offer a choice of products, dysport, juvederm, restylane, stylage giving you freedom to choose what is best for you
  • Unlike many clinics, our treatments involve ice packs, 2 pairs of hands and the smallest needles to reduce risk of bruising and enable discreet lunchtime treatments
  • Our biggest source of new clients is word of mouth because we are a secret you will want to share with your closest friends.

Come to Amara aesthetics, the best Anti Wrinkle clinic in dublin 2



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