Dermal Fillers

Unlocking Youthful Skin with Dermal Fillers in Dublin

Dermal fillers are a popular choice to slow down aging because as you age you lose volume in your face. Fillers can restore this, making your face look naturally youthful, and many people find they smooth out fine lines too. If you choose to have fillers under the eyes this is another great way to reverse signs of aging as it can brighten dark circles and plump the area. This makes you look well-rested which is definitely a sign of youth! Additionally, cheek fillers are an effective method to enhance facial contours and restore volume to the cheeks, further contributing to a youthful appearance. Read More

Our dermal fillers in Dublin can also be used to make changes to your face shape. One of the signs of typical beauty for example is a symmetrical face. As we age, or through other factors like dental procedures, we can lose symmetry, but fillers can help restore it. Did you know you could even make changes to your nose shape with just fillers and no surgery? They really are a miracle treatment, and if you ever want to reverse changes they can be dissolved quickly.

Dermal Fillers Aren’t Just for Women

The majority of people who have cosmetic treatments are women, but we’re sure the desire to slow down aging or make changes to your face shape is universal. We think it’s slowly changing but there is some stigma around men wanting to make these kinds of changes. Men are then nervous that other people will know they’ve had work done. Well, at Amara Clinic we believe if people can immediately spot what work you’ve had done it’s been done badly. We have a passion for providing natural cosmetic work. We like to say it’s like adding salt to your dinner; you don’t just throw in loads, you add a little, taste, add a little more if needed.

If you’re considering cosmetic treatments for the first time, fillers at our Dublin skin clinic are a great choice. You’ll see the results you want from as little as two weeks after treatment and the recovery just involves minor bruising and swelling. They can be used to make changes to your whole face without surgery, from fuller lips to a more chiselled jawline. On average they last for several months, with different areas of the face having slightly altered outcomes.

Trusted Fillers in Dublin with 20 Years of Experience

It’s important to find a practitioner you trust for cosmetic work. The professional you choose should consider your wishes and give you personalised recommendations based on a considered consultation. We work hard to make sure our patients have a natural look, never using too much filler which risks a stretched look. Nobody can stop the aging process completely, if they could they’d be a billionaire, but we can keep you aging gracefully and looking naturally younger for longer.

We think our background proves we can be trusted when you need dermal fillers in Dublin. Our founder has been doing beauty treatments for twenty years, starting out in others’ clinics before opening his own more than 15 years ago. He’s had to train other doctors because he’s so in demand that he works across clinics in Dublin, London, and Warsaw. He’s gathered a team he can trust, which is shown in the Dublin clinic’s 5-star rating on Google. You can book a consultation online or reach out to our Dublin team with any questions on 3531 676 1074 or Read Less

Cheek Filler

Enhance your facial structure with our Cheek Filler treatments. Add volume and lift to your cheeks for a more youthful and defined appearance. Safe and effective, it’s the perfect way to revitalize your look.

A non-surgical solution to enhance facial contours and create a more defined jawline, contributing to an overall more youthful and attractive appearance. Achieve stronger, more pronounced chin and jawline.

Chin Filler Dublin 2

Achieve the perfect pout with our Lip Filler treatments. Tailored to create volume and define contours, our fillers offer a luscious, natural look. Kiss thin lips goodbye.

Rejuvenate and lift your facial contours without the need for surgery with our Liquid Facelifts. Using advanced injectables, this treatment provides a refreshed, youthful look by addressing wrinkles, lines, and sagging skin. 

Refine your profile with our precise Nose Filler treatments. Correct imperfections, smooth out bumps, or enhance the shape of your nose with no downtime. Achieve your desired look with ease.

Banish the signs of tiredness with our Tear Trough Filler treatment. Designed to reduce under-eye hollows and dark circles, this procedure will leave you looking rested and rejuvenated.


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