Anti-wrinkle injections Prices in Dublin

There seems to be a lot of confusion about why one Aesthetic clinic in Dublin can have such cheaper Anti-wrinkle Injection prices versus another. Surely it’s all the same? It isn’t.

Often clinics may be advertising one product while using cheaper products that fall under the blanket term of botulinum toxins. This industry is like most others in that you tend to get what you pay for.

In this post, we’ll talk about why anti-wrinkle prices in Dublin vary and what factors are behind it.

Anti-wrinkle injection Prices in Dublin

The three main factors that affect the price of Anti-wrinkle Injection prices in Dublin are the Product, the mode of charging, and the experience of the injector.

1. The Product Used

The Allergan brand is the name of the most studied, well-known and in our opinion, best formulation of botulinum toxin. We find it is more precise, most predictable, provides the most natural results, and lasts the longest, each attribute of which is very important to patients and injectors alike. Our doctor’s trust that the product will do what it’s supposed to do where they inject it – which helps avoid spread and the droops or frozen look.

So what do we use?

At Amara, we only use Allergan’s products and will be happy to show you the vial. While many other places use the term, it is not always what you might get. As you can imagine, the product is expensive. So if you’re looking at a price that seems too good to be true, chances are it is.

Allergan (a subsidiary of AbbVie) has had the rights since 1988 and continues to research and test more uses for it. In 2010 Botulinum Toxin was approved to treat chronic migraines and is also used in hyperhidrosis treatment, muscle spasticity treatment and many others.

2. Charging by Area or by Unit?

At Amara, we charge per area treated with Anti-wrinkle injections.

For example, frown lines, worry lines and smile lines are individual areas. So if you receive a 2 Area treatment, it will be a paired combination of two of these three sets of lines. A 1 Area treatment is just one of them, and 3 Areas is all three. A ‘full face’ treatment includes add-ons like bunny lines of the nose, a little under the eye, some around the mouth to relax smokers’ lines or correct an uneven smile etc. A ‘full face’ does not mean we pump your face full of product – we are always judicious and give you what’s required to get a natural result. We also do this over two sessions – here’s our anti-wrinkle injection page where you can read all about our approach – Anti-wrinkle Injections  at Amara

So how much are we talking?

Other clinics charge by “units” used – this may seem like a more economical way of doing things, but any review treatments will be charged, and unit fees very quickly add up.

At Amara, our prices, including a review appointment are:

  • 1 Area: €300
  • 2 Areas: €390
  • 3 Areas: €450
  • 4 Areas: €550

3. The Aesthetic Doctor

Finally, an important factor in pricing your Anti-wrinkle injection treatment is the practitioner you are attending. How much experience does the doctor have? Is the clinic reputable? Is the doctor there one day a week, or are they there permanently? What training have they received? Is it a clinical environment or a salon with a room? Are you sure they’re a registered doctor that’s properly indemnified? It is important to remember that only doctors or dentists who are qualified can administer Anti Wrinkle Injections.

Aside from all this, different doctors have different techniques and philosophies.  Dr Paul has been performing injectable treatments since 2007 and has treated tens of thousands of patients. Dr Mylene has been with us for over 4 years, and Dr Janelle is experienced too. If a doctor is working at Amara, they have trained separately and then by Dr Paul to work to his philosophy. Our team is at the top of its game. All our doctors, nurses and therapists continuously attend training and conferences to study new treatments and techniques.

Anti-wrinkle injection Prices – Do Some Research and Ask Questions.

In conclusion, before you decide to attend any clinic for Anti-wrinkle injections, we suggest that you do a little research. Some things you should make sure to find out are: what product is being used, how do they charge, and who is doing the injecting? You should also check out some reviews online so you can be absolutely confident in who is doing your treatment.

Would you like to find out more about Anti-wrinkle injections in Dublin? If so give us a call at +353 1 676 1074 or contact us online now to find out more.

By Ronan Butler