In a society increasingly focused on aesthetics, facial injectable treatments have become a popular avenue for individuals seeking to enhance their natural beauty. However, a range of fears and misconceptions often surrounds these procedures, preventing many from exploring the benefits they can offer. In this blog post, we’ll address five common fears associated with cosmetic injectable treatments – the fear of unnatural results, fear of needles, fear of people finding out, fear of addiction, and fear of adverse events – and debunk the myths that contribute to these concerns.

Angelina Jolie natural beauty
Facial injectables are nothing to be afraid of. They should enhance your natural beauty.
  • Fear of Unnatural Results

A prevailing fear among those considering cosmetic injectable treatments is the worry that the results will appear unnatural. This fear often stems from media portrayals of extreme cases and the misconception that cosmetic enhancements inevitably lead to an exaggerated or frozen appearance.


In reality, skilled and experienced practitioners prioritise a natural look. Modern injectables, such as dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections, are designed to subtly enhance features, smoothing lines and restoring volume without sacrificing facial expressiveness. When high quality products find themselves in the hands of well-trained and experienced doctors, natural results should follow. The horror stories you see in the magazines are not the norm.

Too much cosmetic work
Results like the above are not the norm in the industry - they are an anomaly. At Amara, our philosophy is subtle, natural results that last. We don't do the 'over done' look. Our doctors will advise when it's time to stop.
  • Fear of Needles

For many individuals, the fear of needles is a significant barrier to exploring cosmetic injectable treatments. The idea of tiny needles piercing the skin can trigger anxiety, leading some to avoid these procedures altogether. It’s far more common than people think.

It’s crucial to understand that injectable treatments involve minimal discomfort. At Amara we use high quality ultra-fine needles, switching them out before even a hint of bluntness. Additionally, we offer the use of Target Cool, a magnificent device that cools the skin, numbing it significantly prior to injection. People report not even being able to feel the scratch normally associated with an injection. For people who are nervous about needles, it has proven highly popular here in Amara.

Targetcool device
At Amara we were the first clinic in Ireland to purchase the TargetCool device, which uses cooling technology to make the injection experience 100% discomfort free.
  • Fear of People Finding Out

Privacy and “will they know?” concerns are another common fear that individuals contemplating facial injectable treatments grapple with. The fear of people finding out about these procedures can be a significant deterrent, as there is still a stigma attached to cosmetic enhancements in some circles, although this is rapidly abating. It’s also worth noting that once this hurdle is overcome, and the first treatment goes well, people tend to free themselves from it.

At Amara, we pride ourselves on our medical professionalism. Discretion is a cornerstone of everything we do. Our doctors prioritise patient confidentiality and adhere to strict ethical standards, which is a large part of why we have the reputation we do. With a philosophy that centres on subtle, natural results, the chances of a friend or family member being able to tell anything other than you look great and confident are slim. Ultimately, the decision to share your experience is entirely yours, and you can choose to keep it private if you wish.

  • Fear of Addiction

The fear of becoming addicted to facial injectable treatments is a concern that arises from the perception that once you start, you won’t be able to stop or will look terrible if you do. While it’s true that some people may choose to undergo periodic treatments to maintain results, addiction, in the traditional sense, is not a valid concern.

What is important is having a doctor that knows when enough is enough. There is a happy medium point, and it’s best not to step over it. A good doctor knows when to say no. If you’ve never heard your injector say no to anything you’ve asked for, it may be time to look for someone more discerning. The same goes for practitioners who tell you you ‘need’ a treatment. Understanding that injectables are a choice for self-enhancement rather than a necessity is crucial for dispelling the fear of addiction.

  • Fear of Adverse Events

The fear of adverse events such as occlusions, necrosis, droopiness, allergic reactions or unintended side effects, is a valid concern for patients. Risk is always a part of medicine. It’s essential to acknowledge that, like any medical procedure, facial injectable treatments carry some level of risk. However, these risks are minimized when performed in the right environment.

Prioritising safety is a staple of what we do at Amara. The whole clinic is CPR trained and our doctors always have the dissolving agent and a number of other critical emergency kit pieces to hand. With deft hands and high levels of training, the risks don’t disappear, but they are absolutely minimal. There will always be a doctor at hand to discuss any worries you might have regardless.

If there’s one thing we have learned over the last 17 years, it’s that facial injectable treatment can be a transformative and confidence-boosting experience when approached with knowledge and understanding. People can make informed decisions that align with their aesthetic goals by addressing and debunking common fears associated with these procedures.

Overcoming these fears opens the door to a world of possibilities, empowering individuals to look and feel their best.


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