As a result of celebrity culture, many people have been put off anti-wrinkle injections and fillers, assuming that drastic results will leave them virtually unrecognizable. This, in fact, is not the case at all.

There’s no doubt about it, in today’s overly filtered world, we’re constantly bombarded with images of frozen faces and giant lips. Celebrity culture – and in turn, our Instagram feeds – have definitely opted for excess when it comes to attaining the elusive ‘perfect look’. As a result, many people who might have considered going for an anti-wrinkle or filler treatment have been put off, assuming that results will leave them unnatural, weird or ‘done’. To help put your mind at ease, we’re addressing the five most common fears we’ve heard when it comes to these treatments. 

Spoiler alert – if you do your research and find the right clinic (ahem, Amara!), you will have little to worry about.

What’s the Difference Between Anti-Wrinkle Injections & Fillers?

First of all, what’s the difference between fillers and anti-wrinkle injections? Well, anti-wrinkle injections are used to prevent the formation of permanent lines and wrinkles. It’s injected into the muscle beneath the skin, temporarily blocking the nerves from signalling to the muscle, which means the muscle can no longer contract as long as the product is active (3-4months). As such, current wrinkles begin to soften while new lines are prevented from taking shape. Filler meanwhile is injected into ‘deficit’ areas (lips, cheeks, undereye etc), subtly restoring volume to rejuvenate the skin’s appearance.  

Now that you know how these two treatments work, let’s try to answer those common questions… 

1. Will I look frozen after my anti-wrinkle injection treatment?

The answer here should always be a resounding ‘no’. An experienced injector (like our team of doctors at Amara) will always use high-quality products to build your treatment up slowly, ensuring that the ‘frozen’ look is avoided. A well-done anti-wrinkle treatment shouldn’t be obvious; the face shouldn’t be expressionless, rather you should look like a fresher, more supple version of yourself. The same goes for filler – a skilled injector will gradually fill those deficit areas in a way that’s in keeping with the natural contours of your face.  

smiling woman with natural injection results


A good result will see you look like a fresher version of yourself.

2. Once I start getting anti-wrinkle injections, will I be able to stop?

This is another common fear tied into the assumption that the results of injectables are always quite drastic. But remember, in the hands of a responsible practitioner using high-quality products, treatments like anti-wrinkle injections should be considered a ‘pause button’ in that they temporarily halt muscle movement. The effects should be subtle, gradually lessening over three to four months. And in fact, many people report that even after a short-term usage period, the treatment has ‘retrained’ their muscles into moving less. So, you needn’t worry about your face returning to an unrecognizable ‘default’! You can stop any time you want and it will just be business as usual. But you might miss the results.

3. Do fillers ruin your face over time?

Another concern many people have is that fillers will stretch out the skin over time, leaving the treatment area saggy and deflated if – and when – they stop. However, like anti-wrinkle injections, the results of filler, whether it’s administered into the general dermis, lips or undereye, will gradually wear off. This is because the filler itself is metabolised (broken down and filtered out of your body) over time. And because the Amara team will never over-administer filler in the first place, the effects will fade without making dramatic changes to your facial anatomy or appearance. The important thing here is trusting your practitioner to make the right decision by you and also to seek clinics using high-quality products.

4. Will fillers make me look older?

Again, this fear is likely based on seeing celebs with too much filler in their face. Protruding chins, golf ball cheekbones and the dreaded ‘trout pout’ often have the opposite effect for those wanting to turn back time, making them look strangely ageless, and in some cases, older. Our aim at Amara is to use filler to subtly restore structure, volume, and soften permanent wrinkles. This enhances your overall look and gives you subtle natural results that counter the visible signs of ageing. Our experienced injectors will avoid disrupting the balance in your appearance by careful assessment and staggered treatments. 

5. Is 1ml of filler too much for my lips?

We’re often asked how much filler we’ll be administering – 0.5ml or 1ml – for lip filler treatments in particular. We consider this a rather unsophisticated way of looking to address patient concerns. Everyone is different and everyone’s face is different. Next time you’re with friends, have a look say, at two or three of your friend’s lips – they are all going to be different. So 0.5ml or 1ml of filler will do very different things comparatively in each of their lips. At Amara we prefer to concentrate on getting you your result, rather than arbitrarily defining your treatment simply by volume. Plus, not all fillers are created equal! A treatment using 0.5ml of a higher grade and quality filler may easily achieve a better result than a 1ml treatment of a lower grade option. So, through careful and considered assessment, we’ll map out the best treatment plan to help get you the best result possible. 

If any of these issues are a concern for you, come in for chat with one of our friendly team to discuss your options. Find out more at our frequently asked questions page.


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