1 Area
2 Areas
3 Areas
4 Areas (Full Face)
Under arms
€700 (€550 repeat patient)
€700 (€550 repeat patient)
€700 (€550 repeat patient)
Palmar (hands)
€700 (€550 repeat patient)
Plantar (feet)
€700 (€550 repeat patient)
€500 (€400 repeat patient)
Single treatment
€450 (€350 repeat patient)
Touch Filler Treatment
A gentle treatment for softening of small lines & wrinkles.
Soften Filler Treatment
A moderate treatment for the softening of medium depth lines & wrinkles.
Soften Plus Treatment
A more complete softening treatment that restores definition to deeper wrinkles.
Signature Lip Filler Treatment
A bespoke lip treatment, for volume increase, asymmetry & definition enhancement.
Lip Filler Touch
A touch up treatment for patients who have had lip filler treatment at Amara previously. Conditions apply around length of time between treatments - doctors discretion is final.
Cheek Filler Touch
A subtle treatment for early volume loss & softening
Cheek Filler Lift
A moderate treatment for volume replacement & contouring.
Cheek Filler Rejuvenate
A more comprehensive treatment for significant volume loss and restoration
Tear Trough Rejuvenation Treatment
A specialized treatment for the bags under eyes.
Tear Trough Touch Treatment
A touch up or add on treatment performed within a certain time frame after your intial treatment. This is at the discretion of the doctor.
Signature Nose Filler Treatment
A bespoke treatment for nose corrections. This is a specialized treatment that should only be performed by a medic.
A bespoke treatment for your chin
Establish correct proportions and projections
Stregnthen and sharpen your jawline
Add structure and shape to the lower part of your face
An injectable skin booster
€300 per treatment
A minimum of 2 treatments are required 30 days apart for all first-time patients, as per clinical guidelines.
For skin regeneration
€300 per 200iu session
3+1 free treatment program to start. Sessions must be performed 7-10 days apart from treatment day 1 for best results.
Hydrafacial Signature
€120 (not available to first time patients)
Hydrafacial Dermalux
The elite Hydrafacial protocol which includes powerful tri-light therapy with the Dermalux Flex to stimulate your skin cells and enhance your results.
Hydrafacial Dermalux x5
Single Session
Course x5
4 Sessions of Full Face / Jaw Line / Neck Skin Tightening
Includes a ZO Skin Health Daily Pack
4 Sessions of Double Chin Removal and Tightening Treatment
4 Sessions of Lower Face / Jawline Only

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