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When people say Anti-wrinkle injections, they are not referring to dermal filler treatments but rather a muscle relaxing treatment.


How do Anti-wrinkle injections work?

The product injected is a formulation of botulinum toxin that temporarily relaxes the muscles it is injected into. It does this by reducing the muscle’s ability to contract, which means they don’t move as much as they normally can. All of this is temporary.

What does an Anti-wrinkle injection treatment do to wrinkles?

Your skin sits on top of the muscles the doctors inject with the product. Because of this attachment, wrinkles form when the muscle moves – creating furrows and lines. If these muscles are relaxed and not moving as much, then the furrows and lines soften and do not appear.

How long does it take for Anti-wrinkle injections to work?

It takes two weeks for the treatment results to take effect. Strength peaks a month after your initial treatment, and the effects slowly wear off over the next 2-3 months.

How long should the treatment last?

This is patient-dependent, but 3-4 months is the most common. Repeated treatments with the same doctor have been shown to extend longevity to 5 or even 6 months in some cases.

What are the benefits of Anti-wrinkle treatments?

There are plenty. It’s not the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment globally for no reason.

Once the results take effect, you will notice you appear fresh and less tired at rest. You should also still be able to be expressive. The injections should not freeze your face, make you look surprised all the time, or make you look like a different person. Patients often self-report that they feel they have an improved appearance and an increase in confidence.

Our doctors work according to a highly refined set of treatment guidelines developed by our medical director over his 17 years of performing facial injectable treatments.

I have been getting my Anti-wrinkle treatments at Amara for 2 years now. I have always found the results to be amazing. A very natural look and no one knows I have had any treatment done. I would highly recommend Amara to anyone.
Tracy, 38

What is the difference between Anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers?

This is simple.

Anit-wrinkle treatment is for lines or concerns related to movement – frown lines, smile lines, crows feet lines.

what is the difference between anti wrinkle injections and fillers
The difference between anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatments

Dermal fillers are for lines or concerns related to volume or definition – static lines from the corner of the nose to the mouth, undereye deficits, thinning lips, flat cheeks, or loose jawlines.

What is a Baby Anti-wrinkle treatment?

We don’t like this term, if we’re being honest. It is a lower-dose treatment targeted at younger people and viewed as a preventative measure, which it is.

Regardless of what you’re looking to achieve, the best treatment for you is the one that’s specifically designed for your face. Our doctors will advise you on this.

What happens when you stop getting Anti-wrinkle injections?

In short, very little. Once the effects of the product have worn off, everything should return to normal.

Are Anti-wrinkle injections safe?

The product used (we only use Allergan’s formulation) has one of the best safety profiles of any pharmaceutical product. Aside from the standard cosmetic uses, you can use it for brow lifts, all kinds of muscle spasms, migraine, incontinence, excessive sweating and even teeth grinding. Across all these indications, it has an excellent safety record.

Anti-wrinkle injections

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At Amara we only use the highest quality products which is why we use Allergan's anti-wrinkle product and not a cheaper biosimilar (generic) product. It is FDA approved and the most studied of its kind which means we can stand by its clinical profile.