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Chin and Jaw Filler

Chin and Jaw Filler Essentials

Area of concern: Overbite, receding chin, lower face projection, jawline
Assessment: Our doctors will examine the structure of your bite and lower face
Treatment: High quality dermal filler injections
Time taken: Assessment 10-15mins, Treatment time, up to half an hour depending on what’s required.
Comfort: Patients rarely report this procedure as painful.
Results: Noticeable immediately.
How long will it last?: This is patient dependent but our prefered product is FDA approved and licensed for up to 18 months.
Cost:: From €600 for first time chin treatment. €1,000 for first time Jawline treatment as it's a very large area to address. Additional sessions available at discounts for each.
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At Amara Clinic we perform chin filler and jaw filler treatments to correct imbalances in the projection of the chin which strengthens the appearance of the lower face and restores proportion to the face overall.


What is the aim of a chin filler treatment?

Chin and jaw filler treatment aim to correct deficits in the structure of the lower face. These are naturally occurring deficits that are mainly genetic in nature.

The most common concern people have is slight overbites and a chin filler treatment is an effective way of correcting volume deficiencies in the chin that lead to overbites.

Using dermal fillers we can restructure the chin by projecting and pulling it forward. This corrects overbites and improves your overall look and confidence.

The ultimate aim of the procedure is to straighten the appearance of the chin in profile view and restore a balance between the upper, mid and lower face.

Jaw filler treatment is often performed at the same time to strengthen the appearance and framing of the face.

Why do people seek chin and jaw filler treatment?

Chin filler treatment is a highly effective non-surgical way of correcting minor overbites. Before chin filler techniques were refined, and the proper products developed, the only other options people had were surgical. Expensive, painful and costly, surgical options required a huge financial and time commitment from patients. The same can be said for jaw filler.

How do you treat the chin and jaw with dermal filler?

Anatomically, the chin and jaw are significant facial landmarks. In proportion, they define the lower face so it is in balance with the structure of your mid and upper face.

Thick dermal filler products can be placed in well-defined pockets around the chin area with the effect being a more pronounced chin and well balanced lower face. By bringing the chin forward, we correct slight overbites, and in profile, the appearance of the face improves dramatically.

Strengthening the jawline also adds to how your face is framed and overall attractiveness.

How many sessions will I need and how long will my result last?

This treatment may take a couple of sessions to get the result you desire. This is because projecting the chin is best done in stages to allow the product to integrate properly. It may also require significant volumes of product when compared with elsewhere in the face. However, when your treatment plan is completed, maintenance sessions every 12 or so months should be all that’s required. This depends on how quickly your body absorbs the product which is highly patient dependent.

We use only high quality FDA approved products with a preference for the Juvederm Vycross range of dermal fillers because we can stand by their safety and efficacy.

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