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Hydrafacial Essentials

Area treated: Skin in and around the face in general but can be adapted for all skin.
Concerns: Oily or dry skin, congested skin, blackheads, uneven skin, poor skin texture, acne susceptible skin, problems with skin regeneration.
Treatment: Cleanse, peel, extract, hydrate, infuse and protect using high quality products and patented mechanical technology. Specialist add-ons available including LED light therapy with the Dermalux Flex MD
Treatment time: First time clients have a 90 mins which includes a skin consultation and the treatment. Thereafter, 60 mins is the norm for repeat clients. All first time clients receive a Hydrafacial Accelerate.
Downtime: Some redness may occur but this resolves in a matter of minutes to 2-3 hours depending on your skin type.
Results: Immediately improved skin appearance, glow, radiance. Softening of fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin will never feel better.
Cost: Hydrafacial Dermalux €160 - Hydrafacial Signature €120 (available as maintenance treatment)
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The most popular skin treatment at Amara by some margin and after your first one, you’ll understand why. But make no mistake, this machine led treatment is no ordinary facial and is popular among women and men alike. No one ever regrets a Hydrafacial and we believe we perform the best Hydrafacial treatment in Dublin – check our reviews out!

Whether you’re starting a skin health journey, are in the middle of a rejuvenation program, or are in a maintenance phase, the Hydrafacial is your best friend. Results are instant, lasting and speak for themselves.




What is the Hydrafacial MD?

The Hydrafacial is a machine led super facial which uses a mixture of highly effective quality products and mechanical technology. It is designed to provide your skin with everything science has told us it needs to regenerate healthily and maintain a radiant glow.



How does a Hydrafacial treatment work?

A Hydrafacial works by acting like a reset button for the renewal cycle of your skin. It consists of three main treatment phases. Importantly, the treatment sequence addressed the needs of this renewal cycle in the correct order.


"I love the Hydrafacial. Its leaves my skin feeling like actual skin and not a giant dull wrinkly flake! Cleaning my pores and helping my skin look bright, just what I need. Everyone in Amara is patient and great listeners, and give me the treatment I want and need. Highly recommend."
Lisa, 30, Dublin

What does a Hydrafacial consist of?

A Hydrafacial involves 6 steps grouped into 3 treatment phases:

Phase 1CleanseYour skin is exfoliated and gently resurfaced with a new, healthy, and even layer of skin brought to the surface.
Gentle Peel
Phase 2ExtractImpurities clogging your skin and pores are chemically and mechanically removed. Your skin is then hydrated with powerful moisturizers.
Phase 3FuseYour skin is infused with protective antioxidants and peptides to ensure continued protection, which allows your skin to regenerate more healthily for weeks to come



What is the Hydrafacial MD for?

At Amara, we use the Hydrafacial treatment to address multiple common and uncommon skin concerns. It’s an effective first step treatment for addressing –

By effectively resetting your skins renewal cycle, it gives your skin a fresh start. This allows you to take preventative steps to avoid the problems that might have brought you to us in the first place.

Dry skinOily skin
Uneven skinVery fine lines and wrinkles
Sun damaged skinSensitive skin
Clogged skinLarge pores
BlackheadsSkin texture
Acne susceptible skinSkin maintenance



"I am a long time patient of Amara, and yet again I am thrilled at my results which are immediate. They are calming and professional, exactly what you need if you are nervous. The girls at reception, are super helpful & friendly, can not do enough to help and make you feel at ease."
Natalie, 37, Dublin

What does a Hydrafacial feel like?

A Hydrafacial feels like it works! Your skin will never feel better.

The cleanser and serums leave your skin feeling clean and soft before the mixture of glycolic and salicylic acids clear your skin of debris and excess oil. Here your skin will tingle a bit as you get all the benefits of a peel minus the post peel scaling.

The power vacuum based extraction compliments the peel and you can feel your pores being cleared of debris and congestion. There is a slight tug on your skin as the vacuum nozzle works over your skin. Powerful moisturizers, antioxidants, and peptides added in the final stages leave your skin glowing and feeling soft, gentle and even.




What else can a Hydrafacial do?

There are two additional upgrades available with a Hydrafacial treatment. These can be discussed with your Skin Health Specialist at you pre-treatment consultation.

Lymphatic Drainage
LED Light Treatment
This massage based add-on stimulates your lymphatic system into action, clearing lymph vessels which act like a drainage system for your skin. With these vessels clear, your skin’s ability to undertake the natural processes of good skin health are restored. Blue LED lights directly inhibit bacteria which may cause acne spread or outbreaks in sensitive skin or skin with rosacea.

Red LED lights stimulate your skin’s collagen helping promote strong, healthy, and voluminous skin.



How long does a Hydrafacial take?

The Hydrafacial MD is fully customizable to your skin and schedule. Depending on what your skin needs, Hydrafacials can take as little as 30 mins. Upgrades and add ons can see some Hydrafacials take 90 mins. The standard time for most clients would be 60 mins.

Note – All first time clients will be allocated 90 mins for their first hydrafacial consultation and treatment. This is because it includes a complimentary skin consultation with a skin health specialist. This allows them to deliver you the best treatment possible.



Is a Hydrafacial MD treatment suitable for pregnant women?

Unfortunately, because of the active nature of the ingredients used in this treatment, the Hydrafacial is not suitable for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

It’s also not suitable for –

  • Diabetics
  • People with allergies to shellfish
  • People with allergies to honey
  • People with lactic acid sensitivities
  • Patients currently undertaking cancer treatment
  • People on certain medications (blood thinners and accutane in particular)
  • People with active or recent cold sores
  • People who have had a facial injectable treatment in the previous 2 weeks.




"This is my 3rd Hydrafacial treatment at Amara. So warm and friendly they really care about their clients. My skin feels and looks amazing after each treatment. Amazing clinic, friendly staff. I will be back again next month."
Michelle, 41

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