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What is a Brow Lift and How Does it Work?

A brow lift is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure using botulinum toxin injections designed to elevate and reshape the eyebrows and forehead area. It aims to create a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance by reducing sagging skin, smoothing forehead wrinkles, and lifting the eyebrows to a more elevated position.

Don’t be alarmed by the picture above, this is not our goal when we lift eyebrows!  A Dr Spock brow is something that is caused by relying too heavily on botox to lift the brow.  

Dr Paul’s Harmonylift protocol is an excellent way to achieve a natural brow lift that fits the 12-14 degree ideal for a female brow, while not relying on too much of any one tool in the elevation toolkit. This technique combines a precise tailor made plan consisting of dermal filler and botox to lift both the centre and the tail of the brow to craft a more sculpted and beautiful brow. 


Heavy Brow - The Brow Lift using Dr Paul's Harmonylift Protocol.


Our doctors assess, discuss and plan a holistic improvement of symmetry elevation and shape for brows.


Anti-wrinkle injections, dermal filler, HIFES muscular tone enhancement, radiofrequency


Assessment 10mins, Treatment <5 - 25 mins


Pain free


2-3 months


Full appearance at 2-4 weeks


from €300

Looking for a Youthful Appearance with a Botox Brow Lift?

The eye area is usually the first place people begin cosmetic treatments. This is because it’s often the first area to show signs of aging as the skin around the eyes is thin and involved every time we squint, smile, or scowl. If you’re noticing fine lines around your eyes and on your forehead, a brow lift can help smooth these out. The treatment we use is called anti-wrinkle injections after all! Using these injections for a brow lift is minimally invasive, there’s virtually no recovery time with little bruising and swelling, and the results last 2-3 months. Better yet, our patients report little discomfort with the treatment. Although needles are involved, it’s not as scary as it sounds as they’re fine needles, so you’ll just feel a slight stinging. The process is also over within minutes so you can then go about your day as normal because anaesthetic is not used.

For those looking to enhance their results further, dermal fillers offer a complementary treatment to add volume and smooth out deeper wrinkles, providing a fuller, more youthful appearance alongside your Botox eyebrow lift.

Brow Lift

Elevate Your Beauty: The Magic of Botox Eyebrow Lifts

One of the goals of a Botox eyebrow lift is to move the eyebrows further up on your face. This opens up your eye area so your natural beautiful eye colour can shine through. Many people experience sagging eyebrows as they age which can create hooded eyes. This leads to a desire for cosmetic treatments as it drastically changes the face shape you’ve been used to until this age, not to mention alters how you should apply your makeup. If you wear glasses, as many people need to as they get a bit older, this can add to the problem because they create more shadow on the face. These factors can make you look more tired than you feel. So if you’ve been looking in the mirror and your eyes haven’t been sparkling back at you, why not consider a Botox brow lift? We think you’ll be pleased with how refreshed you look.

In addition to Botox and fillers, our clinic offers rf microneedling, a state-of-the-art treatment that stimulates collagen production, improving skin texture and firmness for a truly rejuvenated look.  Dr Paul’s Harmonylift technique is one of the main reasons people discover Amara clinic.

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Louise MccabeLouise Mccabe
21:57 20 Jun 24
From the amazing reception to leaving the clinic, this was a 100% enjoyable experience. Kelly and... Barbara on the reception are just pure joy, friendly, professional,and beyond welcoming. I had booked a hydra facial with Julie (more on that later) and a consultation with Dr Paul to discuss what I would like to have done.I was nervous and not sure what I would like to have done, also very nervous of been talked into treatment that I was not sure about. After a great informative chat with Dr Paul, I decided on profhilo as I was too nervous to go for Botox. I really respect that there was no pressure or hard sell. Just lots of good advice.Three months now and I am really happy with the profhilo, it has definitely moisturised my skin and evened out my skin tone.Hydra facial with Julie. This is one of my favourite treatments, the finish result is amazing skin, glowing clear complexion. Julie is a skin specialist, who educates you while working away with little gems of knowledge.I love going to the clinic not just for the facial, she is just the loveliest therapist and love the chats.Sorry for the long winded review, but I am so glad I came to the Amara clinic the whole team are simply amazing. So glad I found this place and very happy with the big improvement in my skin.Thank youLouise McCaberead more
09:35 28 May 24
Exceptional service! Thanks a million Dr Stephen!
Sandra MezerrebSandra Mezerreb
13:07 25 May 24
Wonderful treatment as always, Julie is excellent and gives great advice. To me this is the best... clinic is Dublin and would highly recommend itread more
Bernadette Mc NicholasBernadette Mc Nicholas
21:24 15 May 24
Very impressive consultation with Dr JanelleRoisin has given me great advice and I will return for... further treatment.Many thanksBernieread more
18:11 23 Apr 24
absolutely excellent, start and Dr Paul are amazing and the results are also amazing thank you so... much guys!!! Extremely happy with my results 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️read more
Diana TisescuDiana Tisescu
21:34 20 Apr 24
I fly into Ireland especially for the services and the quality of products in this clinic but also... for the expertise of the doctors there.Hands down best clinic in Ireland and would say more
13:08 13 Apr 24
I’m so glad I chose Amara for my first filler treatment. Dr Paul is amazing at what he does. I’m... thrilled with the results. He’s after taking a few years off my face! The results are very natural. I also had a fantastic hydrafacial with Barbara. My skin is still glowing a week later. I couldn’t recommend this place more
Clara KellyClara Kelly
12:37 06 Apr 24
Dr Stephen was such a gem made me feel so at ease and answered all my questions for my first... treatment. All the staff were super welcoming and the clinic is beautiful ♥️read more
10:17 07 Nov 23
A wonderful experience. The clinic is so well run by Ronan and Siobhan is deeply knowledgable and... professional. A five star more
Elizabeth RobinsonElizabeth Robinson
21:00 03 Nov 23
Always a positive experience with Siobhan
Tomáš SmižanskýTomáš Smižanský
20:45 02 Nov 23
Great environment, Amazing service & well deserved relax every time I visit! Well informed &... knowledgeable insights to address any concerns helping you consciously focus on just what you want to achieve!read more
Anna O'SullivanAnna O'Sullivan
16:42 26 Oct 23
tati ftati f
11:56 25 Oct 23
Sally CreeeganSally Creeegan
20:59 19 Oct 23
Amazing experience with Julie today for Emface treatment. IShe explained the whole procedure in... advance and was with me and very reassuring every step of the way. My skin is glowing and healthy and I am really delighted with the treatment. Looking forward to my next more
Aisling MurphyAisling Murphy
20:57 02 Oct 23
I’ve been coming to Amara clinic for about 13 years. Dr Paul is excellent. His face freezing... machine makes the injectable’s really tolerable and he never over-treats any area so the results look natural but still effective. Great more
Marie MurrayMarie Murray
20:11 01 Sep 23
It was my first time to have any work done and was very nervous but my daughter is a client of Dr.... Paul and encouraged me to go and to say I was made feel so relaxed and comfortable and felt I knew Dr Paul forever. Looking forward to seeing my results in a few weeks.Went today for top up of 2nd treatment was a quick painless and professional appointment fantastic staff as always thank youread more
Corinna FloodCorinna Flood
17:45 03 Jul 23
A great visit as usual.. I had an amazing Hydrafacial with Siobhan, which always leaves looking... bright and fresh. Siobhan has a huge amount of knowledge when it comes to skin and skin-care and my appointments are always so more
Melissa NelsonMelissa Nelson
19:52 21 Jun 23
Best Hydrafacial and Natural results in town. Plus all the Amara team are super friendly... professional and good craic!read more

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We Have 20 Years of Experience Creating Natural Outcomes

At Amara Clinic, our passion is helping patients age gracefully. We don’t promise to stop time completely of course but we can slow it down. We believe that if anyone can tell you’ve had work done, then it’s bad work. We’ve worked with many patients to reverse work done by other doctors who’ve done too much and now they have a stretched look. We always do a thorough consultation before starting treatment so we can provide recommendations just for you and ensure we keep a natural youthful look to your face. If you’re new to cosmetic treatments, we have extensive FAQs on each service page. We’re also happy to explain our process and show before and after photos.

Our founder’s approach to natural cosmetic treatments is so popular that he’s had to train other doctors to help cover his workload because he now works across Dublin, London, and Warsaw. He’s very proud of his team and the 5-star rating they’ve maintained on Google. So if you’re considering a Botox eyebrow lift you can trust us. Book a consultation on our contact page today to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

A brow lift is a cosmetic procedure designed to elevate and reshape the eyebrows and forehead area. It aims to create a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance by reducing sagging skin, smoothing forehead wrinkles, and lifting the eyebrows to a more desirable position.

A non-surgical brow lift refers to procedures that do not involve surgery but can still provide a subtle lift to the eyebrows. Non-surgical options include the use of injectable treatments to relax specific muscles or add volume, respectively, resulting in a lifted appearance. These procedures are typically less invasive, have minimal downtime, and can provide temporary results. Prices are from 300- 1800 for a 16 week transformation plan.

A non-surgical brow lift refers to procedures that do not involve surgery but can still provide a subtle lift to the eyebrows. Non-surgical options include the use of injectable treatments to relax specific muscles or add volume, respectively, resulting in a lifted appearance. These procedures are typically less invasive, have minimal downtime, and can provide temporary results.

A brow lift can provide long-lasting results, but it is important to note that the aging process will continue over time. The longevity of the results can vary depending on factors such as the surgical technique used, individual healing capabilities, and lifestyle choices.

Yes, a brow lift can potentially improve the appearance of hooded eyes, which occur when excess skin on the brow area hangs over the upper eyelids, giving a heavy or droopy appearance. By lifting and repositioning the eyebrows, this procedure can help reduce the hooded appearance and create a more open and refreshed look to the eyes.

Yes, they can be used to lift the brows non-surgically. They work by temporarily relaxing the muscles that pull the eyebrows downward, allowing the muscles that lift the brows to have a greater influence.

It is generally not recommended to undergo elective cosmetic procedures, including brow lifts, during pregnancy. It is advisable to consult with your obstetrician and a qualified healthcare professional to discuss any concerns or considerations regarding cosmetic procedures while pregnant.

These procedures typically involve minimal discomfort. The injections themselves may cause a slight pinch or stinging sensation, but the discomfort is generally mild and well-tolerated by most individuals. Some healthcare providers may apply a topical numbing cream before the procedure to further minimize any potential discomfort. It’s important to keep in mind that pain tolerance can vary from person to person.

When performed by an experienced healthcare professional, a non-surgical brow lift is generally considered safe. However, it is important to understand that all medical procedures, even non-surgical ones, carry some level of risk. Bruising, swelling, redness, infection, allergic reactions, asymmetry, or undesirable cosmetic outcomes. However, these risks can be minimized by choosing a qualified healthcare professional.

The duration of a non-surgical brow lift procedure can vary depending on the specific technique used and the areas being treated. However, in general, these procedures are relatively quick and can typically be completed within a matter of minutes. Dermal filler injections for a non-surgical brow lift may take slightly longer as the healthcare professional will carefully inject the filler substance to add volume and lift to specific areas.


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