What happens if we stop getting cosmetic work like anti wrinkle injections done? I get asked this question a lot, and initially I was quite confused. I couldn’t understand why would so many people, who’ve never met each other would ask the same question?



Dr Paul of Amara Aesthetics answers the common question “what happens when you stop getting anti wrinkle injections?”

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What Happens if I stop getting Anti Wrinkle Injections

Initially I would just say.. “nothing.. it just wears off”. When you get anti wrinkle injections it lasts about four months. At that point it wears off and you’re back to square one. At that point you can return for a repeat treatment if you want. But what happens if you don’t get another treatment?

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Preventative Anti Wrinkle Injections

The fact is if you get one anti wrinkle injections treatment and you’ve had four months of not frowning, even 50% as much as you would normally, there is a beneficial effect. Remember, your skin has had a rest if you’re not frowning the same amount on a daily basis. This obviously means you’re going to have less lines! The good news is your lines will be either the same OR BETTER than they would have been had you and never had treatment!

But, What is the Catch?

I think people feel like there should be some Karma. They really feel like there should be some sort of catch that will happen when they stop getting anti wrinkle injections. They’ve got the benefit of not having wrinkles so there must be some downside!! But, I’ve got more good news – there is no Cinderella moment! You won’t turn into a pumpkin if you stop getting anti wrinkle injections. You can still go to the ball!

If you stop getting anti wrinkle injections then the lines and wrinkles will come back when the anti wrinkle injections wear off. But, when they come back they’ll be the same or better than they were before. One important note is make sure you choose a practitioner who does natural treatments. The way to do this is to uses just enough anti wrinkle injections to get the job done. Over-treating muscles or worse freezing muscles completely will result in unnatural results and potentially changes to the face over the longer term.

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Anti Wrinkle Treatments

If you’d like to start (or continue) with anti wrinkle injections then contact us to schedule an appointment. You can check out anti wrinkle pricing here and once you’ve had your first consultation we’ll be able to recommend the best skincare treatments for you.


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