August 2016

The first time anyone has any procedure they worry about the results! How will they look? Will anyone notice? How perfect would it be if you could see your Before and Afters before you got your treatment? Now you can! Crisalix 3D simulation The Crisalix Before and after Simulation System allows us to get a […]

What are Spots?   With all spots and acne the root cause is an excessive buildup of sebum and oil which cause the pore to become blocked and bacteria to form. This results with the spot appearing from underneath the skin. However if you have suffered with spots or Acne then you’ll have noticed that […]

At Amara we are dedicated to bringing you true and safe information through our blog! Our blogs are here to help educate you about safety in aesthetics and skincare, as well as everyday tips to help you on your Skin Health Journey! Best Beauty Blog We are delighted to announce that little old us has […]

The skincare industry is huge! However many men feel like they are being neglected by cosmetic companies when it comes to their skin. So let’s help them out! Enjoy the ultimate men’s skincare guide! Is there a difference between women’s and men’s skin? Short Answer? Not Really! Yes the ability to grow a beard may be […]


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