Before and Afters : See the New you!

Before and After Fillers Dublin

The first time anyone has any procedure they worry about the results! How will they look? Will anyone notice? How perfect would it be if you could see your Before and Afters before you got your treatment? Now you can!

Crisalix 3D simulation

The Crisalix Before and after Simulation System allows us to get a better idea of how we can look after the procedure


What Before and Afters can I see?


With the Crisalix 3D we can see full body and face changes including results after:



With the Crisalix Before and After we can get better idea of non- surgical treatments such as a Liquid Facelift. By simply taking pictures of face we can upload them to the Crisalix software and I can tweak them in the simulation.

We can change the face shape, smooth out any lines and add volume to the cheeks! We can also change the shape of our lips – perfect for those who are insecure about their lip shape.


How does it work?

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By Dr Paul Munsanje

Dr Paul Munsanje is the Owner and Medical Director of Amara and has performed over 80,000 treatments since 2007.