Lip Fillers

What you need to know about reversing fillers and the interesting reason why Kylie Jenner dissolved hers. Kylie Jenner is reported to have recently had her lip fillers dissolved. The world’s most marketed lips have long been associated with filler treatments so this begs two questions: Why and how would you dissolve lip filler? issolve […]

We love lips. There’s no denying it men and women are both drawn to lips. Look at  Kylie Jenner, she made millions off people’s obsession with her lips, not only that but she increased the sale of lip fillers. So what makes the perfect lip?   The Perfect Lip   For starters, there’s no such […]

Although Aesthetics and Beauty are typically aimed towards men, however, there has been a huge uptake with men getting treatments in recent years. This may be the increased transparency of both men and women getting treatments! If you or a partner are interested in getting treatments here a guide to what treatments work best!   […]

Our Smiles are all unique! Some are big, some are small and some are gummy! Some of us have gummier smiles than others and may want to hide it! Let’s take a look at an easy way we can help!   What is a Gummy Smile?   A Gummy Smile is just as it sounds. […]


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