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The Perfect Lip: How Do I Get It?

We love lips. There’s no denying it men and women are both drawn to lips. Look at  Kylie Jenner, she made millions off people’s obsession with her lips, not only that but she increased the sale of lip fillers. So what makes the perfect lip?


The Perfect Lip


For starters, there’s no such thing as perfect in anything. However, there is a ‘Golden Ratio’ of the ideal lip which was actually created by Leonardo da Vinci.



Meaning your bottom lip would be .6 times bigger than your top lip. This does not mean that everyone’s lips should be the same size and shape just that it should be proportionate to your own face and features.


What are you not happy about with your lips now?


Many of us have perfected the painstaking process of drawing our lips on every morning, but the quickest and longest lasting way of getting lips you love is with temporary lip fillers.

Why Do We Get Lip Fillers?


Why we get temporary lip fillers is different for everyone. What’s important is that you are doing it for yourself to make you feel more confident.


The main reason to get lip fillers is to typically increase volume in the lip making them larger. This can be due to genetically thin lips or volume loss from ageing.


Uneven lips or lip corrections are also a very common reason for lip fillers, just a small amount can make a huge difference to the shape of your lips.


Your Lip Filler Consultation.


When going for lip fillers it is important to discuss exactly what you want with your doctor. Discuss your reasons for getting filler and they will plan yo0ur lips around the results you want.


At Amara, each treatment is results based depending on what is best for you and your needs. We will never overfill and always aim for a subtle and natural result.


Your doctor will take before and after photos of your treatment to keep track of your progress.if you are looking for a big change in volume then multiple treatments will be required. More than 1ml is rarely used in one session but can be added at multiple sessions depending on your treatment plan.

Your doctor should never make you feel pressured into getting anything done that you are not comfortable with.


If you are considering temporary lip fillers then contact us to book your consultation. We will be glad to answer all of your questions about our doctor performed treatments.

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