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ACE conference 2023 – Dr Paul’s best bits

The ACE 2023 conference in London was a great opportunity for professionals from the aesthetics industry to learn about new developments in the field, share best practices, and network with one another. The conference is an annual event that brings together professionals from various disciplines, including plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and other practitioners. One of the […]

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Why the tear trough is my favorite treatment to perform

I would love to know who names these treatments. I mean seriously… tear trough? Tears are what you cry when you are sad. Troughs are an item pigs eat out of! The term tear trough filler is just wrong. That aside, the proper anatomical name for the tear trough is the nasojugal groove. Much better! […]

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Madonna Grammys picture – Dr Paul’s analysis

It’s the same old story: yet another star takes beauty enhancements too far, and suddenly everyone is abuzz with their name. We know you’re curious—after all, why else would you be here? So without further ado, let us reveal who has been stirring up controversy this time around… @geoplaneta Madonna 1999🛐#foryoupage #viral #lentejas #madonna #grammys […]

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How Botox Works

Even though Botox has been around for decades there is still a certain mystery or disbelief when it comes to this ‘magic potion’.   Though this is such as widely used solution people still believe false truths that can potentially lead to dangerous situations.  To clear things up we’ve put together a list of Botox […]

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Botox™: The Most Wanted Questions

Botox™ has become a household name as more and more people are getting it. However many people are still clueless about the truths about Botox™.  Heres some of our most asked questions from our first-time patients!   What Does Botox™ Do? This may seem like an obvious question but many people confuse Botox™ for Fillers. […]

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Beginners Guide To Botox: What You Need To Know

Everyone who gets Botox had to start at one point. It’s important to remain safe and in the know, before you receive any treatment. Heres our beginner Botox safety guide to help you decide what and where you want to get to your treatment.   What Is Botox? Obviously, if you have decided you want […]

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Who, What, Where: Your Guide to Safe Botox

Like anything in the cosmetic industry, there are different views on what is safe and what we should do. Whatever decision we make about our own body is our own, we just need to make sure we do it safely and smartly! Here’s our guide to what questions to ask before your first Botox Treatment […]

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How Can I Have A Brow Lift?

If you google brow lift likely you’ll get some scary images of surgeries and people lifting back your forehead! However there are other ways to get that fresher look!   What is a Brow Lift ?   A Brow Lift was traditionally done with surgery! However newer surgeries and simpler methods have been introduced! A […]

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How Can I Remove My Eye Bags?

Eye Bags are something that can haunt us at any stage of life! However as we age there may be a point where a good night’s rest doesn’t vanquish them like it used to! Lets see how we can remove those eye bags for good!   What Causes Under Eye Bags and Circles ?   […]

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Injectables For Men: Whats The Difference?

When it comes to injectables and cosmetics men have a lot of questions about whether it’s ‘for them’ or not!  Yes more women than men get treatments but as men are becoming more comfortable this number is evening out! Let’s take a look at what’s becoming more popular with men! Skin Resurfacing Treatments Men are […]

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