What is EmFace treatment like?

What is EmFace?

EmFace is a revolutionary machine led treatment that uses some very smart technology to produce excellent facial rejuvenation results. A course of four treatments over 21 days, each lasting just 20 mins creates a lift whose results resembles a couple of advanced dermal filler sessions. The texture and appearance of the skin also improves thanks to the aforementioned smart technology. The fact that Emface is painless, needle-less and has exactly zero downtime makes it appealing to everyone, including those experienced and comfortable with anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers. It is not a Laser IPL machine, and not a next generation microneedling machine, like Exion. So what is Emface? How does EmFace work? And what does an EmFace treatment feel like?


emface machine and applicators

What is involved in an EmFace treatment?

I must admit I went into the treatment a little blind. Dr Paul had indicated his interest in buying the machine after having a go himself. The company rep then offered me a session to try it out and next thing I know I’m arriving at the clinic first thing in the morning and the BTL trainer is there ready and waiting.

The first thing that happens is the application of the grounding pad. Because Emface uses High Intensity Focused Electrical Stimulation (HIFES) you must apply a grounding pad so that the electricity passes safely through your body. The grounding pad is about the size of a postcard and gets applied to one side of the upper part of your back. The machine won’t work without it. This takes all of a minute to put in place and connect to the EmFace machine.

Next, I am put in the treatment chair and told to lay back. My face is cleaned using an alcohol based skin cleanser. The trainer then asked me to make a couple of faces. This is so she could clearly identify the muscles over which the three pads that do the work are applied. As a general rule, each cheek pad is applied diagonally from a line that tracks from the corner of your mouth, to the tragus, the prominence on the inner side of the external ear. A third pad is then applied across the forehead. These pads will deliver HIFES to the elevating muscles of your face, which is what EmFace is targeting. As they are elevator muscles, they are the ones that lift.

Emface at Amara Clinic

Once my grounding pad and the elevator pads are all in place, I am told to relax. The trainer switches on the machine, starting at lower levels of HIFES stimulation to introduce me to the sensation of having my muscles involuntarily contracted. At this point though, we should talk about the radio-frequency (RF) part of the treatment.

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How does EmFace work?


EmFace is a two modality machine – it uses two different types of energy, simultaneously. Each of the elevator pads performs two functions via the two energies it emits. The HIFES energy is used to stimulate the elevator muscles of the faces, strengthening them and improving muscle tone. This provides you with a lift result. At the same the pads use RF to heat the soft tissues of the skin overlying the muscles, stimulating collagen and elastin production. This improves the condition and appearance of your skin.


Emface Pads on face

How does EmFace feel?

Back to the Treatment. The heat produced by the RF comes on quite quickly and takes the skin to about 42 degrees. So while it’s higher than your skin’s usual temperature, it is in no way uncomfortable. The HIFES sensation feels a little bit like pins-and-needles at the low levels. We started at 20% of max and it was like a tickle. The machine alternates between contracting the forehead pad on its own and the cheek pads as a pair. When the forehead pad contracts, it feels like a deep head massage. When the cheek pads contract, it feels like a huge cheesy grin with an eye squint to boot.

Moving to 40% and the contractions became noticeably stronger. Understanding the sensation and slowly increasing it allowed me to anticipate the strength at each level. I quickly moved to 60%, then 80% and finally 100% HIFES contraction by which time RF had been at 100% for a few minutes. The contractions themselves are not uncomfortable, even at 100%. The sensation is a little weird to begin with but I very quickly understood the frequency with which they would arrive, and the length they would last. The predictability of this controlled application meant I remained entirely comfortable and was able to chat away with the trainer, who occasionally came to the side of the treatment chair to make sure the pads were applied properly, so the contractions were delivering an even result. 

How long does an Emface treatment take?

With all the talk and chat with the trainer, I hadn’t noticed the machine beeping away in the background as the HIFES and RF did its work. Time flew and before I knew it, the trainer told me I had one minute left in the treatment. This is all controlled by the machine, which has a run time set to 20 mins. And then, just like that, the machine beeped and the contractions stopped.

When I say it took 60 seconds from the time of the machine ending its cycle to me being ready to leave, I am probably overestimating the time. The pads slide off so easily. The grounding pad is removed in the same way. And that’s it. All done.

EmFace icon 20mins

Is there any downtime with EmFace?

Following treatment, I felt like my muscles had been used a lot. The feeling was akin to how your face might feel after a lot of laughter – not unsurprising as the muscles EmFace targets are some of those involved in smiling. The heat sensation from the RF is noticeable after you step out of the chair, but within a minute or two, this has resolved completely. Looking at myself in the mirror after treatment, there is no redness, no swelling, no bruising, no blood spots. None of the visible signs of facial injectable treatments are there. The whole thing had taken 30 mins from start to finish.

How many EmFace treatments will I need?

Over the course of the next 21 days following my first treatment, I had three more. This is the clinical recommendation and what everyone needs to do to start. Each time was exactly the same, and just as easy as I’ve described here. EmFace is a treatment that demands very little of you as a patient. You show up, you sit down, the machine does its thing, and then 20 mins later you leave. There is no way anyone who met you even 10 mins after a treatment could tell that you’ve just given your elevating facial muscles an intense workout which will lead to impressive facial rejuvenating results.

What are the results of EmFace?


Speaking of results, how are mine? My nasolabial folds have softened greatly and my partner has been asking me if she is a candidate for treatment. Friends have mentioned how fresh I look, and the lift has definitely improved my appearance, while my skin quality has noticeably improved with fewer fine lines and wrinkles. And it’s still early days. I’m yet to see the full fruits of the treatment as it’s only been a week since the fourth and final session. In a couple of months I’ll be able to report back fully but everything is pointing toward an excellent result that I’m delighted with.

Would I recommend EmFace to a friend?

Yes. Absolutely. I’ve been working in medical aesthetics for 13 years and I’ve never come across a treatment that demands so little of a patient for clear results. It doesn’t take long, it’s completely painless, and there is no downtime. It’s quite unlike any other facial rejuvenation treatment or course out there. The fact that as well as providing a lift and rejuvenation, it improves your skin quality too, is a huge added bonus. 

There are so many reasons why EmFace is a great fit for Amara. Most importantly, having tested it, we know what results it can deliver to patients. The ease of the treatment and the efficacy of the treatment mean it really is a game changer for the industry.

Find out more on our dedicated EmFace Treatment Page.


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