Why Choose a Hydrafacial Platinum?

Why Choose a Hydrafacial Platinum?

Everyone knows the love we have for Hydrafacial at Amara. We were one of the first two clinics in the country to buy a machine. It very quickly became the workhorse of our machine-led skin treatments. So much so, that we ended up buying multiple machines.

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How would you describe a Hydrafacial?

The Hydrafacial is a versatile multi-step skin treatment that aligns itself with everything your skin needs to keep itself healthy. It does this by ensuring the processes that allow your skin’s natural turnover cycle to operate can flourish.

How does Hydrafacial work with the skin’s cell cycle?

Our skin’s cell cycle is about 6-weeks long. During this time cells need to be made, developed and travel from the deeper layers of the skin to the surface, where eventually they will die, flake off and be replaced by those coming behind them.

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The Hydrafacial is designed to clean and clear a pathway for this process to take place. Lot’s of things can go wrong along the way. Dirt, dead skin cells, excessive oil, free-radicals, clogged pores and more, can contribute to an unbalancing of the process.

A Hydrafacial works to ensure all these factors are minimised so that your skin can look after itself, and look its best for you.

What Hydrafacial’s are available at Amara?

There are three main types. The Hydrafacial Signature, Hydrafacial Dermalux, and Hydrafacial Platinum.

All Hydrafacial’s at Amara follow the same basic formula.

Phase 1 Cleanse Your skin is exfoliated and gently resurfaced with a new, healthy, and even layer of skin brought to the surface.
Gentle Peel
Phase 2 Extract Impurities clogging your skin and pores are chemically and mechanically removed. Your skin is then hydrated with powerful moisturisers.
Phase 3 Fuse Your skin is infused with protective antioxidants and peptides to ensure continued protection, which allows your skin to regenerate more healthily for weeks to come.

What differs is the time and depth of the protocol.

The Hydrafacial Signature is a basic, medium depth protocol covering all the basics above with hand held light therapy.

The Hydrafacial Dermalux is a deeper protocol than the Signature all of the above and includes a session under the Dermalux Flex – a powerful tri-light therapy designed to manage skin bacteria, manage redness and stimulate collagen and elastin.

What is a Hydrafacial Platinum?

This is the deepest and most comprehensive Hydrafacial protocol available – to give you an unmatched glow and healthy looking skin..

Think of it like a Hydrafacial Dermalux turbo charged! It includes the decolletage with the face and neck, as well as a specialised skin booster.

You get to choose the booster with your Skin Health Specialist, who will be able to advise you on what’s best for your skin.

What do the skin boosters in a Hydrafacial Platinum do?

There are boosters for those concerned with pigmentation, redness, strength, anti-ageing and radiant glow.

These are specially formulated serums containing active ingredients that target the underlying causes of the issue or concern you have.

Hydrafacial Skin boosters
By adding a booster, you create a Hydrafacial that is ultimately the best possible treatment for your skin, and therefore worthy of the Hydrafacial Platinum label.

The result is better results, which should last longer as the protocol is deeper, more complete, and targeted. And this is why you should choose the Hydrafacial Platinum.

How do I book a Hydrafacial at Amara?

You can book online or contact us using the details below.

Phone: +353 1 676 1074

Email: info@amara.ie

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