The Curious Way Your Skin Shapes Your Health

Unveiling the Skin’s Role in Health: A Skin-Deep Dive into Age-Related Wellness

A recent article on the BBC Webpage titled “The Curious Way Your Skin Shapes Your Health” really caught our eye recently. The main reason is that it resonated with us from a medical point of view – which is not something you’d immediately associate with a luxury aesthetic clinic like ours..

When people think of what we do here at Amara, it is often solely within the scope of aesthetics and anti-ageing. Wrinkle and lines, cheeks and lips, strenghtening and lifts…this are the words that come to mind. Our mantra of “Great Skin, Greater Confidence” hints at that, too. However, there’s a reason why our therapists have the title Skin Health Speacialist (SHS’s), and this article spoke to that. We’re not just about showy treatments that improve the superficial appearance of your skin – we’re about improving the overall health of your skin. 

The BBC article tells us that a growing body of evidence changes in how we see the skin in terms of our overall health. There is a deeper connection between your skin’s health and our overall health. Moreover, beyond the aesthetics of your skin, your skin may actively play a role in the trajectory of age-related diseases. This sounds ominous, but read on so we can frame it properly for you.

If we were to shake the article about and take 5 key points from it, these would be those points.

Skin as a Health Indicator 

Kerry fan at football match

Your skin isn’t just a spectator in your overall health and well-being – it’s a participant.

The conventional wisdom that our skin reflects the consequences of our lifestyle is being challenged. Instead, recent research suggests that our skin is not just a passive observer but an active participant in our physical health. Great Skin, Greater Health! Perhaps a change of mantra is on the cards?!

Baltimore Longitudinal Study Insights


The groundbreaking Baltimore Longitudinal Study, started in 1958, uncovered a fascinating link between youthful appearance and better overall health. Individuals appearing older than their age were more likely to face health issues, hinting at skin’s predictive power for various health factors. This was a powerful study. This also doesn’t just mean botox and fillers. In fact, things like retinols and good skin regimes with targeted active ingredients are going to contribute just as much as anything else over the long term. Hydrafacial anyone?

Woman getting Hydrafacial

While you may get a glow from it, the biggest benefits in the Hydrafacial are in the strength and resilience it confers to your skin

Enter “Inflammaging” 

The concept of “inflammaging” takes center stage, illustrating how damaged or aged skin contributes to systemic inflammation. The skin, releasing a chemical cocktail when unhealthy, becomes a catalyst for further damage and inflammation, potentially accelerating the aging process. This is something you are going to have to address everyday. But there’s a reason why we have the Dermalux Flex!

Demalux Flex LED Light Therapy - Illuminate Your Skin's Beauty

There’s a reason why we have the world’s most powerful LED light therapy machine at Amara and why we use it to reduce inflammation after specific treatments.


Sun Protection and Moisturizing


Emphasizing sun protection is essential not just for preventing visible signs of aging but also for avoiding inflammation caused by sun exposure. Additionally, the role of an effective moisturizer in maintaining skin health cannot be underestimate. Studies suggest that regular moisturizing can reduce inflammatory chemicals, potentially acting as a shield against age-related cognitive decline. This is huge! It’s like our SHS’s have been saying for years – invest in your skin and you will reap the rewards. Suncreen and moisturizer…who would have thought?

Apply sunscreen every day

Every. Day. Even when it’s cloudy and rainy and not nice. EVERY. DAY.

The Impact on Overall Health

Beyond the surface taking care of your skin is coming to be viewed as synonymous with taking care of your health. Sun protection and moisturizing aren’t just cosmetic rituals – they play a pivotal role in influencing internal processes and mitigating the risk of age-related diseases. Likewise, things like Hydrafacials, Exion RF Microneedling and EmFace aren’t just about the aesthetics – these treatments all contribute to stronger, more resilient skin. This can have huge overall impacts on health.

What we’ve always espoused at Amara is that skin health and overall well-being are hugely linked. Our skin is a dynamic player in the symphony of our health, and nurturing it could be the key to unlocking a healthier, more vibrant future. So, the next time you reach out to us for skin advice, or have a skin consultation or chat during a treatment, remember that you’re investing in your long-term well-being. 

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