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How much is 1ml of Lip Filler? Why this is the wrong question?

How much is 1ml of lip filler? Why this is the wrong question to ask?

Following a short introduction, this blog is going to be split into three sections. Each of these sections will explain in part why asking how much 1 ml of Lip Filler costs is a dated question. We hope you can take the time to read it so you can ensure you get the best and safest treatment possible next time you’re looking to have your lips treated. Let’s start.

At Amara Skin Clinic in Dublin we receive large volumes of lip filler inquiries every week – the treatment is second only to anti-wrinkle injections in terms of popularity. Inevitably the question comes after hellos have been said. It is always the same and it is direct and to the point – How much do you charge for 1ml of Lip Filler?

The question is self-contained and all the boxes are ticked. There is a patient who wants a treatment – lip filler – and they want to know the price of that treatment – how much is 1 ml?

It all seems to make sense.

However, what does 1 ml of filler actually mean? How much is 1 ml of lip filler if you were to see if on a spoon? What is the filler made of? How long is the filler licensed for? Where does the filler come from? What are you trying to achieve with your lip filler treatment?

There are three points this blog is going to try and make to show why “How much is 1 ml of filler?” is a dated question –

  1. Not all fillers are the same
  2. What you are trying to achieve will dictate the filler that should be used
  3. Safe, subtle, natural results that last are dependent on more than just volume

Not all dermal fillers are the same

If you walked up to a barperson and said “How much is one drink, please?”, they would probably look at you a little quizzically. What type of drink? A pint, a cocktail, a bottle, wine, a gin, a prosecco, a shot? Tall glass, short glass, goblet? Ice? Fruit or berries? Mixer? Not all drinks are the same.

In this same way, not all dermal fillers are the same. Different dermal fillers have different concentrations of hyaluronic acid (HA) in them. They are also manufactured and crosslinked differently which means they have very different properties: they come in different gel forms, they come in different thicknesses, they last different lengths of time and they are approved for different uses. These differences mean that dermal fillers are not equivalent – 1 ml of one filler does not automatically do the same job as 1 ml of another brand even if they are licensed for the same job. There will be big differences.

Look at the differences in HA concentration, volume and classification of some of the most popular dermal fillers in use in Ireland today.

Brand Name

Concentration of HA Volume


Restylane 20mg/ml 1ml noncohesive biphasic dermal filler
Belotero Basic 22.5mg/ml 1ml cohesive monophasic polydensified gel dermal filler
Juvederm Volbella 15mg/ml 1ml cohesive monophasic monodensified vycross dermal filler
Juvederm Volift Retouch 17.5mg/ml 0.5ml cohesive monophasic monodensified vycross dermal filler

All of this may be fancy talk but the take home point we hope to highlight is just how different lip fillers can be.

What you are trying to achieve will dictate the type and volume of filler used

This is a simplified version of what our doctors see when they see your lips. Each of these anatomical points requires different considerations when they’re trying to make the adjustments required to achieve the results you’ve asked for.

If you’re looking for definition, then the borders, cupids bow, philtral columns and oral commissures are best addressed first. Lower volumes of a lighter but sturdier filler are required here in general.

If you’re looking to fix an asymmetry, then volume and definition need to be taken into account. This will require different volumes based on the level of correction, and there are dermal fillers better suited to this dual job more than others.

If volume is your primary concern, then depending on your lip type, a thinner or thicker filler may be required, and the volume needed to get you your result will vary depending on which one is selected.

The take home point here is – 1 ml of filler is a very simple answer to what is a complicated question that depends on what you’re trying to achieve. The filler used should be selected based on your current lips, what you’re looking to achieve, and what our doctors needs to address to achieve this result. The answer is not simply 1 ml.

Some areas require higher volumes of certain fillers, while lower volumes of the same filler are required in others. In fact, it could be that two different types of filler across two different sessions are required to achieve the results you really want.

Safe, subtle, natural results that last are dependent on more than just volume

Hopefully at this stage we have shown why not all fillers are the same, and why what you are trying to achieve will dictate the best filler to use. So let’s tie this all together under the umbrella of results because ultimately that’s what you want as a patient.

At Amara, we are a results based clinic. We have forged our reputation over the years through achieving subtle, natural results that last and have impact with our patients. We understand that while volume is important, it is one of several factors that should concern a patient who is seeking a lip filler treatment. It will of course be tied to cost, but this is best done in a more sophisticated way than a simple cost per ml. The type of filler used, the concentration of the HA in the filler, the way it is crosslinked, the placement of the filler by the practitioner, the volume of the filler used and the quality of the make of filler will all play a significant role in your result.

It’s important to recognise also that over filling a lip can lead to life changing complications if something does go wrong. It is always better to err on the side of caution rather than risk putting too much product into a part of the body as sensitive as the lips.

So what’s a better question to ask when seeking a lip filler?

If we put our patient’s hat on, we would ask the following questions when inquiring to any clinic about a lip filler treatment:

2000px Question Mark.svg

2000px Question Mark.svg

What does the cost of a lip filler treatment at your clinic include?

What brand of dermal filler do you use?

Are those fillers FDA approved?

Are those lip fillers dissolvable?

How long can I expect my results to last?

How experienced is the practitioner performing my procedure?

Is my practitioner trained to dissolve the product if something goes wrong?

We understand we’ve replaced 1 question with 7, but hopefully we’ve shown you why. There is more to consider than the cost per ml of filler when researching a lip filler treatment.

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