Can you dissolve lip fillers?

What you need to know about reversing fillers and the interesting reason why Kylie Jenner dissolved hers.

What you need to know filler dissolve lip

What you need to know

Kylie Jenner is reported to have recently had her lip fillers dissolved. The world’s most marketed lips have long been associated with filler treatments so this begs two questions: Why and how would you dissolve lip filler? issolve lip filler
This blog has been written to tell you everything you need to know about reversing dermal filler results, in particular lip filler treatments. After this we will also detail the interesting reason why Kylie Jenner dissolved hers and what this might mean for lip filler treatments.

Can you dissolve lip fillers?

This may seem like a silly question on a blog like this but it’s here for a reason – only certain dermal fillers can be dissolved. If the filler used is made of hyaluronic acid, then yes. If it is not, then likely no.
Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body, mainly the skin. It’s what’s used to make most of the leading fillers like the Juvederm Vycross range, Belotero, and Restylane. These fillers all break down naturally over time because a family of enzymes in the body called hyaluronidases slowly work to degrade the product. The product is broken down and flushed out naturally by the body over time.
KEY POINT- If the filler used is not made of hyaluronic acid, then it may not be reversible. Always ask your doctor.

Why would you dissolve lip filler?

This question needs to be answered from two different angles: you might need to dissolve a filler, or you might want to dissolve.

When do I need to dissolve my lip filler?

You might NEED to reverse a lip filler treatment if the filler is placed incorrectly and blocks a blood vessel. If this happens, the blood supply to the lip and other parts of the face may become compromised. There will be extensive swelling, bad bruising, skin discolouration and likely substantial pain.
You will NEED to dissolve this lip filler because if you don’t the lack of blood supply to the area will cause the tissue to die. This is called necrosis and once it starts, the damage is permanent. The damage done cannot be readily fixed and if severe enough you will require surgery and will not look the same ever again.

When might I want to dissolve my lip filler?

You might WANT to reverse a lip filler treatment if your treatment result is very poor. This will normally mean it looks unnatural or feels very lumpy and uneven a few weeks after the procedure. This is likely because the injector has done a poor job or the product they used was of poor quality. The worst-case scenario is that it’s both.
You will WANT to dissolve this lip filler because the poor result will be noticeable to you and others. If your aim is for subtle natural lip enhancement, a poor result will be the opposite of this. As well as you being able to see and feel it when you look in the mirror, others may be able to notice it.
KEY POINTS – If you’re in pain you likely need to have the filler dissolved ASAP. If you’re not happy with the result, you will likely want to have the filler dissolved.

What is used to dissolve lip filler?

Hyaluronidase (brand name Hylase) is used to dissolve and theoretically reverse the results of a treatment in which hyaluronic acid dermal fillers were used.
This is a powdered prescription product which is made into solution by a doctor to specific dilutions. When the product is injected directly into the dermal filler, it dissolves most of the product very quickly. Immediately, the volume of the area injected should reduce noticeably and over the next 2 weeks, the rest of the filler should be dissolved.
Hyaluronidase is a very powerful enzyme and is on the prescription only list of pharmaceutical products. If your injector cannot prescribe this product, they cannot keep some on site, which means they cannot reverse your filler treatment.
KEY POINT – A prescription only product available only to doctors and some nurses is used to dissolve fillers.

Amara Hyalase powder syringes for reconstitution and saline

A Hyalase Kit – Hyalase powder, syringes for reconstitution and saline. Only a doctor or prescribing nurse can purchase the Hylase.

How do you dissolve lip fillers?

It’s not just as simple as injecting the hyaluronidase into where you were injected and off you go. There are a number of considerations that need to be made to ensure you get the treatment you need.

Too much hyaluronidase and you will dissolve some of the naturally occurring hyaluronic acid in your body leaving a deficit.

Too little hyaluronidase and the problematic filler will not be removed and the poor result or complication will remain.

Knowing precisely where the filler was injected will be important as the dissolving agent is best directed into the body of the filler which was injected.

The following are considerations the doctor performing the reversing treatment will want to know.

Question Why it’s important
How much filler was injected? This will determine how much volume of the dissolving product is injected.
Where exactly was the filler injected? The filler reversing agent should ideally be injected into the middle of the dermal filler wherever it was injected.
What was the brand of the filler used? This is important because it will determine how potent in concentration the doctor will make the hyaluronidase.
How long ago was the initial treatment? This will help the doctor adjust more precisely how much of the dissolving product they inject.

KEY POINT – The dissolving procedure is not as easy as you think.

When I dissolve my filler will everything return to exactly the way it was?

No. This is an imperfect treatment with a powerful agent that requires someone trained in the procedure to perform. The steps taken by the doctor performing the procedure are there to try ensure that your initial treatment is reversed so as to restore your tissue as closely as possible to its original state.

In the case of emergency reversals, the treatment will most likely dissolve enough of the problematic filler to prevent further damage. Then, corrective measures can be taken.

In the case of people reversing poor results, there is no way of guaranteeing how precisely the dissolving will go. The product may dissolve some of your bodies naturally occurring hyaluronic acid which will leave a deficit. This will likely need to be addressed by retreating with dermal filler.

KEY POINT – Dissolving lip fillers is a technically challenging procedure requiring training and skill. It can only be performed by a health care practitioner trained in its use.

Why did Kylie Jenner have her lip filler dissolved?

It’s reported that Kylie Jenner liked the way her lips looked minus treatment during her pregnancy and this is what prompted her to dissolve her lip filler.

Given her influence, this could have an important impact on how lips are treated globally. The shape and definition of her lips remain well defined but the volume has noticeably decreased. The result is her lips have a far more natural appearance while losing none of their attractiveness. It also proves that you should not consider volume paramount when seeking a lip filler treatment like we explained in our previous blog which you can read here.

What remains are lips that aligns closely with Amara’s philosophy of seeking natural, subtle results. We have always touted that less is more when it comes to lip filler treatments and for the moment Kylie Jenner appears to agree with us.

KEY POINT – Subtle, natural results are more important than volume.

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