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Daily SkinCare Essentials – The Fundamental 5

The Essentials of Daily Skincare - The Fundamental 5

The fundamental prerequisites for healthy skin are well understood and the ZO Skin Health Range is tailored to offer clients powerful and effective products that deliver them.

What are The Fundamental 5?

The Fundamental 5 are the pillars of any good daily skincare regime. The ZO Fundamental 5 programme addresses each of these aspects of daily skincare. Each one is as important as the other and missing out on one compromises your skins overall health – and appearance.

The Fundamental 5
1. Cleanse2. Exfoliation3. Oil Control4. Strengthening5. Protection
Getting Skin Ready (GSR)Maintenance



What are the reasons for the Fundamental 5?

The Fundamental 5 are the critical steps you should take to maintain good skin health. Depending on your skin type and the condition of your skin, there are multiple product options to help with each stage. Each product is medically designed and clinically proven.

Removing oil and other pollutantsPowerful and effective exfoliation
Correcting the pH of your skinTargeted active ingredient delivery
DNA repair and protectionBarrier restoration
Antioxidant protectionAnti-ageing properties
Providing anti-inflammatory benefitsUV protection

What is achieved through the Fundamental 5?

The aim of the Fundamental 5 is to calibrate your skins renewal cycle and give your skin barrier function strength.

Without cleansing your skin will clog up with air pollutants, makeup and other debris.

Without exfoliation your skin will not promote the skin renewal cycle and dead cells will prevent newer, fresher layers from surfacing.

Without oil control your skin may retain excessive sebum, which has adverse effects on its health.

Without strengthening your skin it will be prone to a host of problems which will impair its function and make it more susceptible to breakouts and other damage.

Without protecting your skin, it will not be able to maintain a healthy turnover or appearance. Damage will be inevitable.


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