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ACE conference 2023 – Dr Paul’s best bits

The ACE 2023 conference in London was a great opportunity for professionals from the aesthetics industry to learn about new developments in the field, share best practices, and network with one another. The conference is an annual event that brings together professionals from various disciplines, including plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and other practitioners.

One of the highlights of the conference was the keynote presentations on the first day. Dr Thuha Jabbar’s talk on non-surgical rhinoplasty was particularly inspiring. She made the three-point technique seem simple and her definitions of standards for analysis were particularly useful. Her presentation was well received by the audience and sparked a lively discussion.

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The keynote presentations on the first day were just the beginning. The second day of the conference featured a number of workshops and panels that provided even more opportunities for attendees to learn and share. The presentations from the Allergan faculty were particularly noteworthy. Dr Eithne Brenner and Dr Tapan Patel made some excellent presentations on stage, treating the face at different phases of the aging process. The Profhilo presentation by Julie Scott at the innovation stage was also fascinating, as she discussed using Profhilo even more than anti-wrinkle injections with 80% of her patients regularly using Profhilo for skin improvement.

In addition to the informative presentations, the exhibit hall was filled with booths from various companies and organizations. Attendees were able to speak with representatives from several companies and learn more about their products. Of note, Emsculpt and Emface caught the eye of many attendees, as well as a new technology for pain relief during injectable procedures called “Targetcool”. Pain-free treatments are always of interest to practitioners and patients alike.

Overall, the ACE 2023 conference was a great success. The keynote presentations provided valuable insights and sparked lively discussions, while the workshops, panels, and exhibits provided additional opportunities for learning and networking. It’s important for professionals in the aesthetics industry to stay up-to-date on new developments in the field and to network with other professionals. The conference provided an excellent opportunity to do both, and attendees left feeling informed and inspired.

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