Dermal Fillers – What’s The Deal With Them?

Dermal Fillers - What's the Deal With them - Dermal Fillers Dublin

What’s the deal with Dermal Fillers? Everyone knows about Botox, in fact more people are beginning to recognise just how safe Botox is however many people still have this fear of Dermal Fillers! Why is that?

Why Would We Use Dermal Fillers?

Why Use Dermal Fillers For most of us we start to notice the early signs of ageing in our 30’s – this is due to our skin losing collagen and our skin becoming weaker. We may notice a slight droop to our face starting with around the eyes (this can age us 10 years!)

After age 20 we produce 1% less collagen in our skin each year! This drop in collagen can result in:

Using Dermal Fillers for lip fillers and cheek fillers can correct all of these and restore youthfulness to the face.

Why are people afraid of Dermal Fillers?

Most people are happy to get Botox as it is not something that has a drastic change to the way you look (more and more people are using preventative Botox). However Botox cannot restore volume or remove already deep lines such as Nasolabial fold lines – but when it comes to fillers some people panic and go ‘oh no I don’t want to go down that route’.

We Only Notice The Bad Dermal Fillers

We’ve all seen the horror stories of celebrities with swollen faces! When fillers are done well nobody can tell, you’ll look fresher like you’ve just had a HydraFacial MD or a holiday!

Dermal Fillers make you look better for your age not like you when you were 15! Many of these horror stories are from doctors and patients that go too far or do not have a good technique! Many celebrities in particular are classic examples of going too far with dermal fillers. The aim is to look good for your age and look happy and healthy! Going with too much filler too fast makes it obvious that you’ve had dermal fillers as it gives you that swollen and unnatural look. Though this subtle result is exactly what we want, it prevents people from seeing the good results of dermal fillers!

How To Get Good Dermal Fillers

The majority of it comes down to your doctor and the product they use. I use fillers from the Juvederm range as they are Hyaluronic Acid based which can be naturally found in the skin. The Juvederm family of filler also contains a local anesthetic which minimises any discomfort.

Good Dermal Fillers - Amara Skincare Dublin

Dermal Filler Treatment Advice

When it comes down to booking your consultation it so important to research your dermal filler doctor – do they have reviews? how long have they been performing dermal fillers? Are they the medical director of the clinic? Experienced and safe doctors will have all of this information clearly laid out for any potential clients. They will also never pressure a client into anything they are unsure about or do not need.

Dermal Fillers in Dublin

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By Dr Paul Munsanje

Dr Paul Munsanje is the Owner and Medical Director of Amara and has 13 years industry experience.
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