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Can I Stop My Hair From Thinning?

As a woman, there’s not much advice out there for thinning hair! Many women may find their hair thinning more as they age as well as shedding hair particularly as hormones fluctuate.
Typically hair loss has been targeted towards men, with shampoos, supplements and transplants. However suitable for both men and women, PRP for Hair Thinning may be the answer some of us are looking for!


What is PRP for Hair Loss?


Yes PRP treatment is the same as the vampire facial that is used to rejuvenate the skin and face! Platelet Rich Plasma is plasma that’s used from our own blood and then added to our skin or in this case scalp!


How Does PRP Work For Thinning Hair?


Our plasma is full of growth factors that encourage our bodies to heal. When we add this plasma back into our skin or scalp through micro needling and injecting. This stimulates our hair follicles to grow back fuller and healthier. PRP for thinning hair is suitable for both men and women but a consultation is needed to determine whether it would be suitable.


How Do We Do PRP For Hair?


PRP or Dracula Therapy is done very similarly to the face;


First, we numb the area that will be treated to ease discomfort during the treatment.


While we are waiting on the area to numb, a sample of your blood will be taken. This will then be placed in a centrifuge which spins and separates the plasma from your blood cells. The yellow plasma is what will be used in the treatment as it contains all those good growth factors!


Next, when you are numbed we will begin to add the plasma to your scalp! First, the area will be needled to create channels to allow us to add the plasma. The plasma will be then be spread onto an area and then needled in with the Rejuvapen microneedle. This allows us to push the plasma into the deeper layers of the scalp.  The plasma may also be injected directly into the area if needed.


How many treatments do I need?

A minimum of 3 treatments is recommended but more may be needed.


How Do I Know If PRP Would Help Me?

The only sure way to know if PRP would help in your situation is to come in for a consultation. A consultation with the doctor costs €250 and includes – photos, a prescription if necessary and a referral to a surgeon (if needed).


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