Dark circles: Are under-eye fillers my only option?

Are Dark Circles a concern for you?

Do you have dark circles around your eyes? Do they make you look more tired than you feel? When you look in the mirror, do they make you look older? We get where you’re coming from. The ‘panda look’ as it is sometimes referred to does have a dramatic effect on our appearance. Tired, deflated, aged – no one likes dark circles when they appear. So what’s going on?

Dark circles and “The Panda Look”

What causes dark circles under our eyes?

There is a multitude of causes and reasons why they appear.

1) As we age, our skin loses collagen and the ability to replenish it. This loss of structure and volume thins out the already thin skin around your eyes – blood vessels and darker tissues become more surface visible and lead to dark circles. Photodamage from sunlight also affects this area.


2) Fluid imbalance or local swelling (from rubbing your eyes, or a toddler sticking their finger in your eye) will affect the tissues around the eye and can cause shadows to form. Of course, the least convenient place for a shadow to fall would be on thin skin…and the skin around the eyes is thin. Typical.

3) Tiredness – while not actually a cause of dark circles around the eye, fatigue and stress (and who doesn’t have that in their lives) definitely exacerbate dark circles. So what starts out as a minor issue can be made worse by…well, life.


How do you treat dark circles with under-eye filler?

Filler treatments for dark circles under the eyes have nearly tripled at Amara in the last 12 months – mainly because they’re effective and we happen to be quite good at them.

dark circles

Some real clinic results for under-eye filler treatment (tear trough filler)

This specialist treatment involves injecting hyaluronic acid dermal fillers in underneath the tissues around your eyes. The hydrating effect of the filler corrects for volume deficits. As a consequence, the blood vessels in the area are not so superficial and light finds it harder to penetrate the revolumised area so everything gets that bit lighter (if the treatment is performed properly). Some of the newer HA dermal fillers also come with a cocktail of amino acids and vitamins which have been shown to have a particularly good impact on discolouration and tone.

Under eye filler is the fastest growing filler treatment in Amara, but is it your only option? The simple answer is…no.

What other treatment options are there for dark circles?

Let’s not mess around. We’re going to be covering off the following options:

1) Colorescience – Eye Renewal Treatment Pack

2) ZO Skin Health & ZO Skin Medical – Eye care products
3) Hydrafacial MD

4) Rejuvapen medical microneedling

What is Colorescience and how can it help my dark under eyes?

We love Colorescience! This range of mineral skin treatments has some amazing brush powder SPF’s which make re-application over make-up during the day as easy as you like. They offer UVA and UVB protection (which all sunscreens should) and come in plenty of different tones. The gem in their catalogue is the “3-in-1 Eye Renewal Program”.

It’s formulated specifically for the eye area and has been clinically shown to brighten dark circles and its associated discolouration. The kit includes:


  • an all mineral, chemical-free broad spectrum SPF

  • a concentrate which improves puffiness and fine lines and wrinkles

  • hydrating gel pads which can be applied and worn overnight


If you consider the underlying causes of dark circles, this kit offers solutions to each of them.

Is Colorescience suitable for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding?


Sit down and wait for this…YES!

Colorescience is chemical free and 100% mineral based which means there’s finally something clinically proven for pregnant women and feeding mums.

You can read more about this brand here – Colorescience

What can ZO Skincare offer me?

We love ZO products and we’re not afraid to tell people as you might have noticed. ZO have a couple of options – one from their ZO Skin Health line and one from ZO Medical.


  • Intense Eye Creme is a specially formulated retinol cream. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and contains optical diffusers which directly improve dark circles and eye puffiness.

  • Hydrafirm Eye Brightening Repair Cream is a best seller at Amara and for good reason – it works and gets results which is what we love. Again, it has retinol and it improves the elasticity of the skin around the eyes while addressing puffiness and dark circles. It can be irritating to start with but our clients who push through this initial phase will tell you how much they love this product.

Intense Eye Creme & Hydrafirm

How can a Hydrafacial treatment help my dark circles?

If you’ve read carefully you would have recognized that dark circles are the result of poor skin quality, thickness, and health in and around the eyes. Well, a Hydrafacial treatment can offer your problematic dark circles a bit of everything: full exfoliation, infusion of hydrating serums and protecting peptides, collagen stimulation and a general deep clean of the area. With the improvement in your skins general health, you will notice dark circles lighten over the course of a few treatments. Many of our patients opt to receive Hydrafacial treatments alongside a cream product for use at home after speaking with one of our skin health specialists.

How can microneedling improve my dark circles?

Rejuvapen is a highly effective collagen stimulator. Given that the thinness of the skin around the eyes is a primary cause of dark circles, and Rejuvapen helps stimulate collagen, it’s not hard to put 2 and 2 together.

By restoring volume to the area by producing collagen, all of the underlying causes of dark circles are addressed. Given Rejuvapen produces an inflammatory response, a host of growth factors are released during and after the treatment to initiate your body’s natural repair mechanisms. The result is dramatically improved skin quality and the lightening of dark circles. Again, many of our clients would also use one of the available creams alongside their microneedling course.

So you’re telling me I have options other than under-eye fillers?

There is no doubt that under eye fillers are an incredibly effective treatment in the fight against dark circles around the eye. However, it might not be the best treatment for you and these days there are other options a good few of which we’ve covered here today. What we decided to talk about are products and treatments that we know and have seen results with. We are a results-based clinic so that’s all we want for our clients. There’s a lot of nonsense and not clinically proven products out there. We prefer to work and treat with brands we’ve reviewed, that we know and trust, and that have actual clinical evidence to support their claims.

In summary…

  • Colorescience is a comprehensive kit that is mineral based, chemical free and suitable for use during and after pregnancy. It directly addresses the underlying causes of dark circles but won’t help with stress or sleep deprivation.
  • ZO Skin Health and ZO Medical have clinically proven cream based options. People love these products, they work, and they can be used alongside machine based treatments.
  • Hydrafacial MD does everything required to improve the health of your skin and can be adapted to the thin skin of the under eye area, improving tone and colour.
  • Rejuvapen is a commitment but it targets the direct and specific underlying causes of dark circles and panda eyes. By stimulating collagen growth, volume deficits are improved and the newly thick skin sees dark circles improved.


All of these solutions are available in Amara and if all else fails, we have doctors who can run through your under-eye filler options with you. Either way we will find you a working solution for your concerns and help you achieve the results you want.

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