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How Can I Get Rid Of Cellulite

What Is It?


Cellulite is underlying fat deposits that begin to push through layers of collagen and fibers, giving it a dimpled, lumpy appearance. It is most noticeable on the buttocks, thigh stomach and usually starts after puberty.


Why Do I Get It?



85 -98 % of women will suffer from cellulite and will suffer no harmful side effects though that does not mean we have to suffer through it. At any age cellulite can deplete your confidence and make you unsure of yourself.  It is more likely to be caused by hormonal changes and little to do with weight gain.



How Can I Fix It?


Women spend 100s a year on products that don’t work or on pricey treatments. Most store bought products focus on the up most layer of skin rather that the underlying fat deposits that actually cause the Cellulite.


Radio Frequency treatments have been shown to be the most effective machine treatment for this ailment as they target the fat deposits beneath the skin.


How Can I Fix It At Home?


Zo Skin Health have just launched their first Cellulite treatment! Oraser Cellulite Control is a twice daily at home cream that works to address the underlying reasons for it by breaking down the fat deposits, reducing fat storage and boosting your cells! Cellulite Control by ZO Skin Health has been clinically proven by independent studies  to reduce the visibility of cellulite and prevent future signs of it!



Used morning and night Cellulite Control continues to work after it has been absorbed by the skin for 24 hours.


How Does ZO Skin Health Remove My Cellulite?


The Power of ZO Skin Health  always rests with their combination of targeted, safe ingredients:


Carrageenan Extract

Visibly improves skin texture and the appearance of cellulite


Plankton Extract

Boosts cellular and tissue metabolism to improve muscle tone



Enhances metabolism



Up-regulates fat destroying enzymes


Methylsilanol Carboxymethyl Theophylline Alginate

This Improves microcirculation and skin contour, while stopping the degradation of elastin fibers and collagen.


Saccharide isomerate


Minimizes new, nightly fat deposits from accumulating 


These ingredients work together to hydrate your skin, boost collagen, breakdown fat deposits and most importantly prevent them from coming back.



Does it work?


In an independent clinical study 81% said skin their skin is smoother 77% saw a reduction in their cellulite, skin relief irregularity and a thinning effect on their thighs.

After 8 weeks of continuous use cellulite will reduce! Add a body brush to your nightly routine and this will  help circulation as well as exfoliating dead skin.


Interested in tackling your cellulite? Call us to order or book in for your full Skin Health analysis!

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