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5 Ways To Clear Your Spots

Acne spots are a pain. Don’t let them ruin your day!

We all get breakouts, some more than others how we deal with them is key. Here are 5 ways to help get rid of that pesky acne spot when it starts.

What causes your spots?

Everyone gets spots, but knowing your triggers can really help you to deal with them and prevent them from coming up at the worst moments. For example, if you find certain foods or drinks cause breakouts then avoiding them for the weeks leading up to an event. With hormonal acne or stress-related acne, it is much trickier and these will likely need stronger products and longer time to heal. For those with frequent acne or breakouts, an in-clinic skin analysis is essential to maintain your skin and prevent future breakouts.

5 Things To Do With A Breakout

Add salicylic acid to your daily routine

Salicylic acid is an ingredient you should be using if you have oily skin. Salicylic acid keeps pores clear and exfoliates the skin. Spots are caused by bacteria or sebum build up in the pore, by preventing the pore from being clogged we can help prevent spots. 

Start off with a Salicylic cleanser like Exfoliating Cleanser or Oilacleanse, your skin health specialist can help you decided which is best for your skin.

Then after cleansing follows with oil control pads (formally Cebatrol) or TE pads. These offer the higher strength of Salicylic acid as well as other sebum controlling ingredients.

After this follow with your skin stabiliser Daily Power Defence to add antioxidants and protect and repair your skin. Always wear SPF during the day to prevent the sun’s UV rays from causing sun damage making spots and scarring worse.

Spot Treatments

Obviously, if a spot has managed to come then treating it as soon as possible is ideal.  Specialised spot treatments are perfect to have ready to go for instances like these.

Blemishbright™ by ZO Medical contains Salicylic Acid (your new best friend) to kill bacteria and remove pores, as well as broccoli extract, sunflower oil and Manuka honey to help reduce redness.

Blemish bright is a target spot treatment that also helps prevent hyperpigmentation after the spot has cleared. The LiquiPatch™ technology creates an invisible plaster over the patch which protects it and treats it.

Face Masks

Sulfur Masque

Face masks can work a treat at rehydrating your skin and calming inflammation. The blue Sulfur Masque® by  ZO Skin Health is perfect for calming and preventing breakouts. Containing 10% sulfur and glycerin for hydration you can use these as a full face mask twice a week or even use it as a spot treatment overnight.


Retinol is mainly known as a go-to ingredient for anti – ageing. Retinol works by increasing your cell turnover – creating new cell growth. Retinol stimulates collagen production and exfoliation.  If you are already on an acne based routine but are still having breakouts (perhaps due to hormones) adding in a high strength retinol such as Retamax® work on a much deeper level with exfoliation. Helping with breakouts, pigmentation and anti ageing.  Retinol must be prescribed by a specialist and may need to be built up to daily use. Book in for a skin analysis with one of our specialists to see if you are suitable.

Cover it with salicylic concealer

Typically the more your skin can breathe the better, however, it’s like you won’t go barefaced when suffering from a breakout. Mineral makeup is, of course, better for letting your skin breathe but doesn’t always offer the best coverage. Add a concealer that contains Salicylic acid so it continues to be treated as well as protected throughout the day.

The ZO Correct & Conceal currently comes in light and dark and contains 2% salicylic acid.

What Not to Do

Don’t touch it, don’t pop it.

Touch your face as little as possible and remove your makeup as soon as you can to begin your treatment.

If you are suffering from breakouts and acne then book in for your skin analysis now!



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