Madonna Grammys picture – Dr Paul’s analysis

It’s the same old story: yet another star takes beauty enhancements too far, and suddenly everyone is abuzz with their name. We know you’re curious—after all, why else would you be here? So without further ado, let us reveal who has been stirring up controversy this time around…

Madonna pillow face again at the grammys

Ah, yes! I recall when it was approximately a decade or so ago that Madonna first made the headlines. She had become one of my initial musings to document in my blog, given her infamous pillow face a term which she brought into vogue – no pun intended.Pillow face is a term in reference to how dermal filler treatments can give the recipient’s face an appearance that resembles a pillow.

After the fillers had been dissolved, we can observe a few photographs taken several years ago where she looks much more natural.

When did it start to go wrong?

Four years ago, the pictures were beginning to reveal an excessive amount of filler had been used again.

Looking back at the images from the Grammys three days ago, we can see that Madonna appears to have her pillow face again. Despite being 64 years old in 2023, she still looks younger than most people her age judging by her Instagram account. Though she no longer resembles herself when she was young, it’s clear that Madonna has chosen to make a statement about what beauty means at any age! She is known for reinventing herself but has she gone too far this time?

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Madonnas pictures at the grammys look much worse than her instagram

Her selfies on Instagram may suggest she looks younger than her actual age, yet we must remember that everyone tends to post only their most attractive photos. In reality, the truth is slightly different from this facade and even more so in madonnas case it seems.

Doubts have been raised that the changes we observe in Madonna’s appearance at the Grammys is caused by more than just dermal fillers – fat transfer and surgery could also be contributing factors. While I am quite certain she has undergone several surgical procedures over the years, it appears unlikely to me that fat transfer played a role.

Did madonna have fat transfer before the grammys?

One of the benefits of fat transfer is that it’s more permanent than dermal fillers. And in some people’s eyes it’s considered more natural because it’s your own body’s fat being reinjected. But one of the major downsides of fat transfer is the unpredictability of it. Fat transfer when it’s done, can take several months to settle down to the final result and can be swollen dramatically more than the desired result.

This is because up to 50% of fat from a fat transfer can be lost. This is such a unpredictable outcome that it makes that transfer a suboptimal treatment in terms of getting a perfect result. In my experience, fat transfer is more of a tool used by patients who want to do a lot of filler and save money on it. Which doesn’t fit Madonna’s profile for me, again, this is just my opinion

@amaraclinics Dr Paul weighs in on madonnas new look. Is it dermal filler? Can it be fixed? Dermal filler can be dissolved with hyalase. At amara we always aim for a ‘less is more’ strategy so that we don’t get carried away. Pictures taken at every stage of treatment help ensure we remain objective with our results. Finally the average 64 year old woman doesn’t have to worry about how they’ll be perceived at the Grammys so let’s give Madonna a break it can’t be easy having access to all the treatments you want combined with the pressure to look your best at such high profile events. #grammys #madonna #botox ♬ Material Girl – Madonna

Can madonna dissolve her fillers?

The good news for Madonna is the work that has been done, if it is filler, can be dissolved very easily using hyaluronidase, also known as Hyalase. Hyaluronidase works within hours and usually by the next morning, the filler is gone.

And it can be used precisely, meaning you can use a small amount to get rid of a small amount of filler, or you can use a big amount to get rid of a big amount of filler. It can be tailored to take away exactly as much as is needed.

Have a look at my video discussing Madonna’s treatment don’t forget to follow us on social media and book a consultation with us if you’d like to discuss a treatment that you might need or even a treatment you need dissolved!

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