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You’re Washing Your Face Wrong. There I Said It!.

You’re Washing Your Face Wrong. There I Said IT!


It’s hard to believe with the number of cleansing cloths and facial brushes on offer that we are still incorrectly washing our faces causing breakouts and early ageing! The fact that face washing tools have become so popular just shows how we’re struggling! There is no need for unnecessary (and potentially damaging)expensive tools just some good products. Let’s take a look at how to get the most out of your face routine now!


Number 1: Wash Your Hands


It may sound obvious but putting dirty hands on your face is not good for it. Just wash your hands with soap and warm soapy water before touching your face. Simple.


Number 2: Bin the Face Wipes


It’s obvious and known but people are still using them. Face wipes are drying out your skin causing breakouts, uneven texture and probably aren’t even removing all your makeup.  It doesn’t matter if you follow with cleanser putting the face wipe to your skin does the damage first. If it is a good cleanser and you are using it correctly it will remove all your makeup.


Number 3: Get a Tailored Cleanser


It is so important to start your routine with a good cleanser that is tailored to your skin’s needs. The ZO Skin Health and Medical Range has a huge variety of cleansers for every skin type including;


Normacleanse – A basic cleanser that works for all skin types to cleanse and remove makeup

Exfoliating Cleanser – Contains Jojoba bursting beads that moisturise the skin while the low dose of Salicylic acid chemically exfoliates the skin

Oilacleanse – High concentrate of salicylic acid and vitamin E bursting balls work to clear pores, chemically exfoliate the skin and help calm and prevent blemishes and Acne.


Number 4: Use Your Cleanser For The Right Amount of Time


It’s so tempting to just do a quick run over with your cleanser until you think all of your makeup has come off.  Likely traces of it are still there whether it is heavy or mineral makeup.  Using lukewarm water wet your face with your clean hands. Then squeeze about a 10c piece size of product onto your index and middle finger, then add it to your other hand then start rubbing in circular motions all over the face. This ensures that your cover every area of your face and allow the cleanser to work. Do this for a minimum of 60 seconds, most of us would typically only do it for 10! This will allow the ingredients to actually get into your skin and dissolve your makeup


Number 5:  Wash it all off.


Again using a lukewarm water rinse your face of all products, take careful attention of around the nose and eyebrows as this may hide product. Leaving the cleanser on your skin will have a detrimental effect! As a rule when you think you have it all off just rinse it once more for luck!


Insider Secret: use a clean microfibre cloth (The cheap ones used for cleansing) to help remove the product. Rinse in water then allow the cloth to grab the product. Use a clean one every evening. It’s worth throwing a pack of these in your weekly shop and start stocking up! Eventually, you’ll have a nice little stockpile.

Number 6: Use a clean towel to dab your face dry


Using a dirty towel covered in bacteria will just ruin all the effort you just put in! Use a clean towel to dry.


Now with your clean skin, your face is ready for your other tailored treatments and serums.


Typically your whole face routine will take about 3 minutes or less! Now that’s pretty good for the clear and healthy skin! Book in now to get a full skin assessment and product recommendations. 

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