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CoolSculpting Versus Lipo: Which Is For Me?

If you’ve become accustomed to wearing Spanx, waist trainers or camo underwear chances are you’ve thought about Liposuction once or twice.  CoolSculpting® is the world’s number 1 body sculpting treatment and is likened to wearing sculpting underwear without the effort and much more effective. So which should you choose Lipo or Coolsculpting?


What’s the difference between Liposuction and CoolSculpting®?

It’s important to know that both are considered safe and effective procedures and are the leaders in their field. Though they are both good treatments, however, one may suit you over the other.

Surgical V Non-Surgical

While CoolSculpting® is non-surgical and non-invasive sculpting treatment liposuction is surgical fat removal.

Liposuction is done under anaesthetic, with a small incision (possibly multiple). IV fluid is added to the area to help loosen the fat which is then sucked out through a cannula. This cannula is moved around into different areas attempting to get the most fat possible.

CoolSculpting® uses Cryolipolysis to freeze the selected tissue killing the targeted fat cells. These are passed through the body through the lymphatic system and expelled throughout the following weeks.



With Liposuction a few days off work will be needed to recuperate and to recover from the anaesthetic, some specialist garments may also be required to be worn the week following.

With CoolSculpting you’re free to go back to work straight after your treatments if you wish. The area may be red and swollen after the treatment.  The area can be numb for a number of weeks after treatment with some slight discomfort during the treatment.



Depending on where you go and what areas are being treated, liposuction may cost thousands to get a complete treatment.

With CoolSculpting® the cost is totally dependent on the desired result and area.  The cost is per area treated and some areas may require multiple treatments. For example, one person’s stomach may have 3 areas that could be treated while others could have 2 or 6. This would be decided at your consultation.


Amount of Treatments

Liposuction is typically done in one treatment with significant downtime. CoolSculpting® may be done over multiple treatments depending on your desired results and your own schedule.


Potential Risks

Both treatments are considered safe and leaders in their field however as liposuction is an invasive procedure the potential risks are greater. With anaesthetic, there are always risks to our body’s reacting negatively to it.  There is also a risk of scarring as with any incision.


Now that you know the differences between liposuction and CoolSculpting® it should be clear to you if one suits over the other. Why not book in for a consultation with our doctor and CoolSculpting® specialist and get the facts for yourself.

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