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The Healthy Sun Tan Myth: Key To Your Summer Glow

Summer is Coming! We’re all searching for that healthy tan that puts us in a better mood, but is there such a thing as a healthy tan? Let’s find out a bit more about the healthy tan myth and explain the key to your perfect summer glow!

What is Tanning?

Yes we all know that a tan is the mythical thing that covers our skin that us Irish people seem desperate to get. The Irish as a rule do not tan well and either burn or freckle – this is due to our complex skin type, Irish people and many other countries around the world associate a tan with health when in fact the opposite is true;

“Tanning is the body’s attempt to protect itself by increasing pigment production. It is actually a sign of skin damage.”

In Ireland we are more likely to freckle than to tan, freckles are most common on the face but can appear anywhere on the body – the more exposure the area has with the sun the more freckles are likely. Do you have freckles? Where are they more prominent?

“Freckles though they may be cute are actually more dangerous than having a tan as their presence indicates that the person’s skin cannot tolerate sun exposure.”

Myths About Tanning

Myths About Tanning - Skincare DublinWe’ve all heard some myths about tanning but are they true? We go through some common ones below!

A Base Tan will Stop Me From Getting Burnt

Many of us think that having a light tan before we go perhaps for a sun bed will stop us from getting burnt or damaging our skin later – this is not true! We now know a tan is not healthy but is a sign that our skin is already damaged. You might think well it’s already tanned it can’t get worse! Again, not true. Every time your skin is exposed to the sun it has the chance of getting damaged. Wearing a high SPF and avoiding the sun at its highest peak is essential to protect your skin.

A Tan Cures Acne

You might think that the sun will help treat acne and breakouts by drying out your skin but it can actually make it worse. A tan darkens the skin around the spots and pimples making them stand out less. The sun can damage the skin which actually leads to acne recurring.

Sun Beds Are Safer For Your Skin Than Sun

Sun beds are made up of extremely harmful UV rays – any possible benefit from the sun such as Vitamin D is lost! Many people use no SPF when doing a sun bed and actually use accelerating oils! This causes instant and irreversible damage to your skin.

Sunscreen Is Bad For Your Skin

This myth is just ridiculous – most sunscreens on the market have been around for years and are proven to work and protect your skin from the sun. If you are worried about your sunscreen invest in a good one and review the ingredients before you buy. Particularly when you are going on holiday it’s important to use a high SPF such as the ZO Skin Health Range.

You should wear a high SPF everyday on your face such as ZO Smart Zone – though this is SPF 50 the Smart Tone technology prevents you from have a baked white face. Doubling up with a foundation with SPF gives your skin extra protection.

What Does The Sun Do To Your Skin?

Apart from increasing our risk of skin cancer and melasma leaving our skin unprotected in the sun causes irreversible ageing and damage. Take this picture of a truck driver who worked on the road for over 20 years. The UV rays shone through the windows of the car severely damaging the skin on that side of his face.

Sun can also accelerate acne as we have seen above as well as causing pigmentation and wrinkles.

How To Protect Your Skin From The Sun

How to protect your skin from the sun - Amara Clinic

There is a fantastic range of SPF and sunscreen products available, especially from ZO Skin Health, and it’s essential that you use some product to protect your skin. The worst thing to do is go out with no sun protection whatsoever and the tips below will help you protect your skin from the sun.

  • Wear SPF on your face everyday and try doubling it up
  • Take breaks from the sun when your are in high sun (it’s at its highest between 10am and 3pm)
  • Wear hats and protective clothing

Treat Your Skin

Do you believe that the sun is good for your skin? Or, are you going on holiday and want to get your skin summer ready? Book in for a consultation with our Skin Health Therapist Siobhan today and she’ll make sure your skin is looking great whilst still safe!

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