Would You Microwave Your Armpits Mirasmooth Underarm Hair Treatment

Why are people microwaving their armpits?

A recent trend has seen women using microwave technology to remove hair and even sweat glands from their underarms. Different from laser hair removal they claim this new technology can be used on all skin colours and hair types to remove hair! But what about sweat?

Mirasmooth – What Is It?

Unlike other treatments such as Hyperhidrosis (Botox) The Mirasmooth™ works by heating the glands under your arms and destroying the glands preventing the ability to sweat. An anesthetic must be applied before the Sweat Treatment is done.

Would You Microwave Your Armpits - Underarm Hair Treatment Mirasmooth

Microwaving Your Armpits – Is It Safe?

Would You Microwave Your Armpits - Underarm Sweat Treatment MirasmoothMirasmooth™ by Miramar(R) is the first of this kind of hair removal and sweat stopping treatment to be approved. It was only approved in July 2015 it is hard to say what kind of effects if any could come from never sweating again! Nerve damage however could be a possible side effect due to the extremely strong heat and I would imagine that after the treatment there would be significant swelling. An anesthetic is used before the treatment to numb under the arm and prevent any pain.

How Can I Stop Underarm Sweat?

Here at Amara we treat severe underarm sweat (Hyperhidrosis) using Botox. This is a proven treatment that is safe for treating underarm sweat and has been in use for 10 years. Popular with men and women Botox for underarm sweating is proven, effective and known to be safe. The whole treatment only takes a few minutes and is something many get done on their lunch break!

We think that the new Mirasmooth microwaving your armpits treatment could provide a useful way to reduce underarm sweating and help with hair removal but until more is known about this new treatment then we would avoid it and stick to methods that we know are safe!

If you’d like to arrange a consultation for hair removal or for a treatment for underarm sweating then contact us.



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